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2004-11-10 - 6:18 a.m.

So…D-land has now been blocked at work, along with almost every other web site out there. Bah…it is beginning to border on ridiculous now. Perhaps a better alternative to punishing the whole for the infractions of a few would be to…I dunno…terminate the few that are repeat offenders, but don’t punish those of us that are respectful of the internet usage policies. Bah…the fact that my company tends to swing in extremes bugs me. They are very relaxed in many of their policies…but the moment that someone fucks up…the fuck it up for everyone.

In other news…for all of you who have been living under a rock…Halo 2 is out. Can’t wait till I can get my copy of this much anticipated game. I loved Halo…still play it a fair amount as well…I can only imagine who good this new release is going to be. Kinda like AvP and AvP2…A night and day kinda of difference I bet. Any how…come on 4:00…

I have also been faithfully plowing through the B5 series. I am well into season 3 now, and have to admit that I have been completely sucked in to it. What a great show…And speaking of which…I got my hands on a season of Sex in the City as well…one of my co-workers insisted that I watch it…and then they all started taking bets on which of the girls I would like best…They were all wrong. I like the Red head…what ever her name is…But any how…what a fun show as well…They say that there is a lot of insight to be gained into the workings of the female mind…but so far I have not seen anything that I didn’t already know. Granted I am only 3 shows in to the season.

So…thanksgiving is coming up, which marks the beginning of the holiday season for me. Lets just hope that I can keep the blues at bay this year. Oddly enough it seems to get harder and harder the older I get. And they are a weird sort of blues. Not a full blown case of seasonal depression like what most folks think about…but more a period of reclusive ness and apathy. And I have never figured out why it happens either.

I do have a plan to defeat it this year though. I cancelled my membership at the Herndon Gym and am getting ready to join up at one in Leesburg. Oh and did I mention that I have a workout partner lined up as well. Yup…my Uncle. It will be nice to get back to the gym again. I am feeling fat and creaky lately. So it will be good to start the trek to get back into shape again. And they do say that working out does wonders for your mood during the grayness that is Winter…

Well it is getting close to lunch time…and after that I have promised myself that I will be more productive.

So till then…



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