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2004-11-08 - 3:21 p.m.

It was a weekend for spending time and money on the Mustang.

I took care of the 45k maintenance, picked up 2 new tires, and washed and waxed it. And once again my lil pony looks great…and runs like a…well…a wild pony. I learned a sort of interesting tid bit this weekend as well. Just cause you put new tires on your car that are rated to have better wet/dry/snow traction than the old worn out tires that you previously had on the car…don’t expect them to hook up until they have cycled a few times. Heh…who would have thunked? Well imagine my surprise when I left the tire store and walked the Pony sideways out of the parking lot…I mean it is not like I got down on it any harder that I normally do…and for those of you who have ridden with me lately, you know that I drive like an old lady these days. Well a few days later and about 250 miles on the new rubber and they are hooking up just fine. No more accidental tire chirping…I did mention accidental right?

The weekend also saw the Steelers win again! I am very happy about that. But I have to admit that I am having a pretty hard time substituting Football for Hockey. Oh I miss the hockey…Why oh why do folks have to be so greedy?

I also saw the Incredibles this weekend! What a really fun movie! Go see it…very Fantastic Fourish. And really well done. I’m telling ya, Pixar just keeps getting better and better. Oh and the water! I can’t tell ya how impressed I was with the water. Very very cool…

And speaking about entertaining…I don’t know how to emphasize this enough…go buy yourself a copy of AMERICA (The Book): a Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction. It is $14 and change at Costco, and worth every penny. On the outside this is a funny light hearted poke at Us…but the closer you look, the more you see that this book has some pretty sharp teeth. Take for instance this “Before the invention of the moral compass in 1907, Presidents had to rely on the crude and unreliable moral sextant.” Well any way…this is an really great read. So…go out and get your self a copy!

Work is the same ole same ole. Though today we got word that we are not going to be mock training the application that we are responsible for (and need practice presenting)…no. We are going to start mock training the Power Point class…hmm…a class that we are not responsible for…a class that we has 20 instructors to present (as opposed to the 3 we have to present our application). Sigh…I feel busy work coming on. Bah…Not sure why we are not working on the application that we are attached to…so confused.

Well any how…it is time for me to get back to doing work…more later…



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