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2004-08-06 - 9:54 a.m.

So are ya tired of hearing about my bicycling yet? Tough…

Yesterday after work I figured what the hey…it’s pretty nice outside…I think I am going to go for a ride. So I hopped on the ole Dino-Bike and headed off towards Clarks Gap. Unfortunately I didn’t make it. Not cause I petered out…but because I had no idea where the gap was…As it turns out I stopped short of the gap by like a half mile…I just didn’t know it.

So whats the big deal you ask…Why do I get all carried away by the gap? Well for starters it is ALL UP HILL from my house. There is no place to rest…no flats…no coastable areas…it is just spin spin spin…till ya either get to the top…or quit. I didn’t quit, I had gone my 5 miles out and it was time to turn around. But had I known I was so close to the top of the hill (did I mention that Clarks gap is the highest point on the trail AND has the steepest grade) I would have pushed on the last little bit.

It was kinda cool…I averaged about 10-12 mph the whole way up to the top…not the 15mph I am gunning for…but it isn’t bad, but the way back down I averaged 23 mph. That was fun, and when I get my Lemond…I will only go faster!

On the down side…I managed to open up those saddle sores that had mostly healed from Monday. I guess if I keep this up I will eventually end up with a leathery calloused ass. That or I will keep hurting till I get myself some decent riding shorts. Ugh…the good news it that today the damn things don’t hurt hardly at all. Those guys on the Cycling board that I lurk about on were dead on when they said to put Bag Balm on saddle sores. It seems to have really made a difference.

So lets see…That has me up to 25 miles for the week so far…and I ride again this evening and again on Saturday. Perhaps I will make it up to 50 miles for the week. That would be Sweet.

The down side of all this is that I haven’t lost any weight yet. I am pretty sure it is because A. I haven’t been riding long enough, B. I am eating to much or to much of the wrong things, and C. I am thinking that I am not noticing the kind of weight loss I am used to seeing because for a change…I am not dehydrated. I am drinking a fair amount of water these days. In fact I have cut out sodas all together…and juice…and beer…and just about everything except for the occasional glass of wine and water. I have also eliminated my frequent eating out (I am also looking forward to seeing how that affects my bank account. I think it will make a huge difference…I was spending $13 a day just for lunch there for awhile). Now I just need to get myself into the habit of waking up and making breakfast and lunch…and then coming home and cooking as well. But I tell ya, cooking for one is SO hard. I am just not all that inspired to do it. Ugh…

Well it is Friday, and most of my friends are Pennsic bound. There is part of me that is a bit jealous…and then there is the part of me that is going to enjoy lounging around the apartment…getting out and biking…perhaps seeing the Bourne Supremacy (have a free ticket to that movie so I figure that I should go see it) or maybe just doing a lot of nothing…Oh wait, I do have to clean the apartment. It is in need of it. A good vacuuming, some laundry, and a trip to the thrift store to get rid of more crap that I have laying around. Ugh…perhaps by the end of September I will have the place all cleaned up and presentable enough to have folks over. We shall see.

I am looking forward to the weekend…it is Beautiful outside and I really don’t want to be cooped up here in the office.

Just finished up this argument here at the office.

Scrapple…do ya like it? Do you even know what it is? (I do)

Fiddleheads…do ya like it? Do you know what they are? (I do…much to my northern co-workers chagrin).

See we have folks from all over the country here and for some reason I am the only “country boy” in the group. Ya know grit eating, scrapple munching, sweet tea liking…and all sorts of other things that make me all “country”. Oh well…go figure…I can only imagine what they would think if I told em I know how to make molasses, or slaughter pigs, or pluck chickens…or heaven forbid…grow a garden. I swear…some “city” folk are so weird.

That’s it for now…take care.



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