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2004-08-05 - 10:01 a.m.

Thursday…and it is grey and kind of on the dark side out there. It should be a nice afternoon for riding…if you like riding in the rain, which oddly enough I do. I have to get back on the bike today though…seeing how I haven’t ridden since Monday. A 3 day layoff would be much to long to avoid the bike.

I think I am beginning to understand why I am not all excited right now to get on the bike. I don’t fit on it real well…as I have said a million times before, my torso is just to long for the frame, and that makes for some real uncomfortable riding. So to remedy that…and my endless financial problems I have told Brian to drop the price on the Jeep again in hopes that that will be the catalyst necessary to make it sell. At my current asking price I will still be able to pay off a fair amount of my debt and still get my Lemond. I just need to remind myself that it is worth waiting for. I also think that the other factor that is holding me up from jumping right back on the bike again is the lack of decent riding shorts. I rally don’t care to face the possibility of saddle sores again…or heaven forbid making the ones that I have (which are mostly healed) worse.

Ok enough of that.

New rant…

Who the fuck thinks that these orange colored chalky antacids taste anything remotely like the advertised “Fruit Flavor”... in fact who the fuck thinks that any of those medicines taste like their advertised “Fruit Flavors”? I have never in my life had a fruit of any type that tastes as crappy as this stuff. Just because it is orange in color I am supposed to force myself to believe that it is orange in flavor as well? Ok…so I do realize that you can’t go around advertising you antacids to have the consistency of chalky paste and taste like crap…but to claim that it is a Fruit Flavor? Sigh…

Ok it is obvious that I am just being ornery today. I don’t think anything will make me happy. Bah…

Oh on a more humorous note…GrandmaCait has redubbed me Lance StrongBear. Hehe how funny is that? It just brings to mind images of circus bears riding around on bicycles.

-Not known for their speed in the mountains the cycling bear is still a force to be reckoned with on the tour…get to close to em and they are likely to eat you.



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