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2004-08-09 - 10:25 a.m.

Down right sore today…Not like oh my god I can’t walk sore…but more like “man my quads are still feeling yesterdays ride” sore. HOT DAMN! That means that I am finally getting the point where my heart will let me push my legs harder. Now is where the real progress begins.

Yesterday was my day for a long ride…and long ride it was. I spun down the path towards Ashburn again…remember the ride last Monday that killed me? Well I did it again yesterday…only I added 2 miles to it. Yup 17 miles baby…and this time I not only did it in less time than on Monday…but I spun faster also. 25 miles is my mark…that is my regular riding goal…and once I can log those kind of miles 5 times a week…I can start looking to improving things like my over all speed and what not. I can hardly wait. I am thinking that I will be doing 25 miles by the end of August easily…that is if I can keep up this current rate of improvement. We shall see of course. I still need to be careful not to hit that overtraining mark.

In other good news…I have finally shown some reduction in weight. According to the scale I am 5# down from last week. Thank god…I was beginning to think that I wasn’t going to drop anything. I know that’s crap but when you are tryin to loose weight, your mind comes up with all sorts of stupid ideas.

Oh and I think that I may have found a temporary answer to the Dino-bike woes. On Saturday I swung by the local thrift store to drop off some clothes and lo and behold…there was an older Giant Road bike sitting there. It was in rough condition…but the important parts were still there. Good frame, good stem, and wide enough bars. So…I am thinking that I should be able to cannibalize the Dino-bike and this one to make something that I actually fit on and is a bit more of a joy to ride. Well at least till I get my Lemond. Which I might add I am still planning on doing. Good equipment is always important to have when training. And ya know…that is what this is becoming. Training. Training for a leaner body…training for a century for who knows what else.

I have also decided to let my hair grow back out. I have run into a few problems with being bald and riding. First sun + bald head = Fuckin ow! So we try Sunblock + bald head + sweat + eyes = Fuckin ow! So I am thinking that if I just let my hair grow out again I won’t have much in the way of sunburn problems for at least a little longer.

So funny how almost everything revolves around cycling these days…do you think it is some sort of unhealthy obsession like my co-workers believe? I wonder…But ya know…if obsessing gets me into shape then obsess I will. It is not like I have any type of responsibilities to anyone other than to pay my bills and go to work. So fuck it…if I spend all my time thinking about cycling…or getting out and actually wearing out tires on the road why should I care. As long as I am meeting my basic obligations it shouldn’t matter right? Yeah it means that cycling is most likely going to replace the SCA for me…at least for a little while…but right now I enjoy riding…and I can’t really say that about eventing. Don’t get me wrong…I love being around the folks in the SCA that I call friend…but I don’t think that I have to use the SCA anymore to get to spend time with em…at least I hope not. Not that I am going to cut out eventing all together…but I think that most of my weekends are going to be spent spinning along the back roads of Virginia…and getting to know new folks (Heh…just think…in another week or two, I will be comfortable enough with my riding to go out and ride with the local bike club. Hehe…I can hardly wait).

Well I guess this leaves me with one tough decision for today…do I take a short ride after work today…or do I take the day off. Hmm Decisions decisions..



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