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2004-07-30 - 10:08 a.m.

A little good news…a little bad.

The good news…I got the Dino-Bike back from the bike shop yesterday. New pedals and all. Turns out that the wobbly crank was simply due to it being loose.

The bad news…What I thought was a bent pedal has actually turned out to be a bent crank arm…so I am going to need a new one after all. Ugh…I hate having to spend money on a bike that I am intending to put out to pasture soon. Bah but I gotta do what I gotta do to keep riding. I can’t even begin to describe how unhappy I was at the idea that I might not get to ride this morning.

Todays ride…I was SO excited about getting out and riding to day…trying out my new clipless pedals that I could hardly sleep last night. I was killing me…but on the plus side I did get out on the trail this morning around 5:45 I was kinda nice being one of the only folks out there again. So anyhow…I pushed a little farther today…I think I logged somewhere between 6.5 and 7 miles and I did it in 34 minutes and 38 seconds. I felt a bit slower actually than I was on Wednesday but I think that part of that can be attributed to my bent crank. It fatigued my right foot pretty quick especially what with it being locked in place on the pedal. Oh and speaking of pedals…once I got used to em I loved em. Problem is I looked like an idiot while I was trying to get the hang of em. Flopping around trying to get my feet out of the clips…almost loosing it at a stop…yadda yadda…having problems getting locked back in again once I started moving. Yeah…it was ugly.

I am looking forward to next week though. I am going to try and add an afternoon 10 mile ride into my routine. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday will see my usual morning ride of 6 or 7 miles…but Saturday I am going to try and nail down a full 10 miles. I am looking forward to it.

Oh and Brian the mechanic has a kid coming to look at the Jeep today. Who knows…maybe he’ll buy it. How nice would that be? I could be doing my 10 miles stretched out on the back of my brand new Lemond as opposed to being squnched up on the ole dinosaur. But regardless…wheels is wheels and I am happy that I have SOMETHING at least to ride.

I am going to miss riding this weekend but I am told that I need to make sure that I take breaks. If not I run the risk of over training and then nothing productive will happen.

In other news I am headed to New York this weekend. I am looking forward to visiting a city that I have never been to before. It should be an adventure…one made easier by the company of good friends. In fact I am looking forward to the trip up there…I am hitching a ride with Gramma Cait and Honored Elder Minivan Ninja…er Samurai.



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