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2004-07-29 - 11:47 a.m.

Talk about uber suck…Looks like my bike (not the new one…I don’t have it yet) is not going to be out of the shop in time for my ride tomorrow morning. I am not really happy about that. I am not ready for a break this long yet. I want to ride. I want to go out and feel that pain. I like it. I enjoy that weak feeling I have in my legs the rest of the day. I love how I sleep like the dead that night…I want my bike back.

Why is the bike in the shop in the first place you ask? Well on yesterdays “Ride in the Rain™) I managed to not only bend a pedal, but I also stripped a crank arm. Guess my legs are a whole lot stronger that this poor little Schwinn from the 80’s can handle. Well anyhow I took it into the shop for repairs yesterday.

Good news is I managed to secure some decent Shimano clipless pedals for a very reasonable $25. I am most happy about that. In fact I am very excited about getting to try them out asap. Combined with the biking shoes that I got from Sean, I should notice quite a difference in my ability to spin effectively (provided I keep reminding myself to not STOMP the pedals).

I am very excited about the upcoming week of training. I get to move up to riding 4 days a week of which one ride can be up to 10 miles! How sweet is that? In fact before I know it I’ll be grinding out 25 mile days and not thinking much of it. Hahaha 100 mile weeks here I come!

Well it looks like I am going to have to run here. I have yet another of the endless meetings that I must attend at HQ today. Unfortunately it does not let out until after 4. That is SO going to suck.



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