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2004-07-28 - 10:03 a.m.

Day two of Riding.

Same route…Turns out to be a mile longer than I had first estimated. So it is 6 miles instead of 5. Today it took me 37 minutes instead of 45-50. Today I went there and back without ever hurting. I even climbed the hill up to the apartment. Albeit I was a hurtin unit at the top…but I quickly recovered from that.

So Some details. Woke up at 6am for the ride only to find that it was misting out side. Woot Riding in the rain. Guess now is as good a time to get used to riding in the rain as any. So Sean and I got all our crap together and headed out. Now keep in mind that today was a rest day for Sean…so I really appreciate him riding with me…not that the distance or the pace was all that big a deal for him. He is after all in better shape than I am…and he has been training WAY longer than I have. In fact this Saturday he is going to be riding his first Century. I am so jealous…but I have no doubts in my mind that I would never make it. Not yet at least. So any how…off we go…and by the time we make it to the second street crossing the rain starting really come down. It was kinda cool really. Riding in the rain was not that big of a deal really…in fact it kept most sane folks off the trail which was nice.

The ride up to the turnaround was pleasant enough aside from the fact that I felt like a wet rat. But the ride back was wonderful. Got up to a good clip 20mph or so which was all cool aside from trying to stop. In fact twice I almost didn’t stop in time. Ugh wet brake lots of mass and high speeds…hehehe. But it was fun none the less. I guess the last thing that I would have to mention is that I bent one of my pedals today. That sucked, but at least it was near the end of the ride today…and even bent I still managed to climb the hill back to the apartment that broke me Monday.

Any how enough of that.

My bike came in yesterday. A 2005 Lemond Tourmalet. It is a sweet blue and black…light as a feather…and best of all it is roomier that all hell. Nice and short for my tiny dwarf legs (I only have a 30 inseam) but plenty of room you top for my long torso (I am 6 feet tall after all). So anyhow…I got on this amazing machine and started pedaling around the lot and all I could think was…PLEASE don’t make me go back t6o the Schwinn…please. Ahhh but I have to be patient. The sooner the Jeep sells the sooner I can get my sweet new ride. Oh please hurry up Jeep…please.

So today I am going to have to go back to the bike shop and but myself some new pedals. Guess it is as good a time as any to buy those clipless ones that I was looking at yesterday. Gonna need something come Friday, and I am going to need the m for the Lemond as well so I might as well get em now. Thanks to Sean I have shoes…might as well put them to good use.

I am also looking at getting a few jerseys. Most likely 3 but we shall see. At the moment I have 1 picked up…go see it at It is under mens jerseys…it is called the Thunderbird. Any suggestions on another design from there? I wanna hear your suggestions. Oh and I am going to be getting the matching socks as well…hehehe. This is just like motorcycle riding with all the accessorizing…only louder! Hehe. Also need to look into some mountain biking shorts. According to Sean they make all the difference for riding. And I agree with him…I am going to have to go with the looser fit stuff for awhile being that I haven’t gotten my spandex license back yet.

Well I reckon that I have prattled on enough about this for now. More later…I have another ride on Friday…only a 6 miler but it is good to ease into this. Heh…but before I know it I will be racking up the miles. I can’t wait.

Today I learned that most people who ride for fun pedal wrong. They stomp the pedals as opposed pedal in circles. I am included in that stomper category…bah.



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