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2004-06-17 - 8:16 a.m.

And I sit here frowning at the screen…snot running, eyes puffy, and generally achy feeling. I hate not being sick enough to stay home from work.

Nothing really exciting has been happening in bear-land™ lately. The apartment is getting closer and closer to being finished. In fact I have the fish tank all set up, and as of last weekend I moved in the first 5 residents (African Cichlids). Lemme see if I can butcher their names…I have 2 Kenya Zebras (they are yellow with black stripes) 2 powdery blues (they are powdery blue…duh) and this thing called a compressor or something or other…and he is just plain funny looking. But when he gets older he will be all metallically and stuff. Hopefully (provided the water in the tank is still ok) I will be adding another 5 this up coming weekend.

Lets see…what else. I am getting closer and closer to getting my new motorcycle. If things work out like I am hoping…the Jeep should be sold by next week…my travel check should be in and I should be carrying my happy self to the Cycle shop in Herndon and driving off with a Brand new last years model ZRX1200R Kawasaki…lovingly know as a Z-REX by people in biker circles. Enh…whatever. It’s a bike…its green…and its really fas…er…very safeish…um…for a bike…and…stuff. Yeah…

Went and saw Chronicles of Riddick the other night. Very fun movie…well as long as you like sci-fi action flicks. And if you don’t, well wait to rent it and enjoy the background. I swear EVERYTHING has a face in this movie…EVERYTHING. It is kinda creepy really. But it was a fun movie…and no you do not need to have seen Pitch Black to understand what is going on for the most part.

So this evening was supposed to be volleyball night…but I think I am going to miss it again. Instead I am going to go home and lay about on the sofa and try to feel better.

Well anyhow…

Has anyone learned anything new today?



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