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2004-06-09 - 8:50 a.m.

Well…things are finally beginning to settle down for me again. I am in the new digs, as is most of my shit. No…there are no anvil in the apartment unfortunately, they are living at my uncles.

The kitchen is finally set up…everything is put away with the exception of the cookbooks…I have been having trouble figuring out which book box they are in. Oh and someone tell me again why I have all of these freakin books? I have boxes upon boxes upon boxes of em. Oh and do I have anywhere in this dinky little apartment to put them? Oh hell no. Am I going to get rid of them? Heh…don’t be stupid. Book collecting is like a disease or something. My Mother has this disease and so do I. So hopefully my Uncle and I will be making bookshelves for the digs in a few weeks.

Lemme see…where was I? Oh yeah…the kitchen is basically all set up…and that is the only room that does not have boxes stacked all in it. Sigh…but that should all change by the end of the weekend. My new entertainment center should be waiting for me tomorrow when I get home (I am very excited by this…it is a very very cool thing. It is all modern and minimalist and crap…as opposed to that old huge thing I used to have). Once I have them it will be easy for me to get the rest of the living room set up…and then it is just a hurry up and wait thing for the bookshelves. Ugh…I can’t wait till I am totally unpacked. I haven’t been since I first moved to Norfolk. See Clemson was supposed to be temporary digs…that ended up being much more permanent than anyone have planned.

Oh and I have the Aquarium set up again. Ugh…and man oh man does it stink. Nothing like cycling a brand new set up…It should be sweet once I have fish in it though. I have finally decided to take the plunge and try out cichlids. In the past it has always been sweet loveable little tetras for me (mostly cause I was a cheap bastard and the idea of spending more than a dollar on a fish made me sick) but now it is time for something new. So…I am going to give the colorful and mean Africans a try. Of course this meant that I had to completely redo the entire tank set up (including buying more rocky cavish structures for the little bastard). So now it is hurry up and wait as the tank cycles and then I can drop in a few fish.

And for my last bit of annoyance…it is back to insurance again. I am getting ready to buy a ZRX1200R Kawasaki motorcycle. Now this is just a standard bike. It is not a sportbike. It is not a café racer. It is just a standard touring bike. So…Why the fuck do they want to charge me $2800 a year for insurance (with a $1000 deductible) on a bike that BRAND NEW is going to cost me $6500? I don’t get it. In fact that is $2200 a year more than I pay for better coverage on BOTH the Jeep and the MUSTANG GT! Sigh…I hate insurance. I really do. I really don’t think that it is fair.

Sigh…I did find out however that if I call the bike a ZR1200A1 (which is the bikes alternate name from Kawasaki) the cost drops to below $900 a year. So I am going to keep on hammering away…looking for the best rates I can find, cause I am going to need insurance for the durn thing here in a few weeks.

Oh and it looks like I might have the Jeep sold finally. Sweet…say good by to all my current debt. Well except for the Mustang, school loans, and my soon to be new bike…

Well I guess that is all the news that is worth reporting right now. Perhaps next time I will have something a bit more witty and creative to ramble on about.



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