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2004-06-22 - 8:58 a.m.

What is it about being a single male that drives your to acquire ridiculously expensive yet infinitely cool shit? My latest fascination…any thing with 2 wheels. Yeah…next weekend should be motorcycle purchase day. And that will fill a certain niche in my life. 40mpg HOV friendly commuter and toy to play with on the weekends with my Uncle. Fine…but you still just sit on your ass and do nothing. Not real good for loosing the spare tire…heh who am I kidding…not real good for loosing the mobile home that has parked its self on my ass. So with that in mind I have started looking for SOMETHING that will get me active on a regular basis. I no longer have a sweet city full of insane hills, beautiful architecture, and general coolness to wander. I don’t have rolling mountains, babbling creeks, or mysterious legends to pursue like I did up country…so honestly walking is not much of an option...this area is a bit too boring for that. I have tried the gym…and again with out a workout partner, it is also pretty boring. So I need something…something…something.

Enter an old friend from school. His latest addiction…riding. No not motorcycles anymore…but bicycles.

A little background here. When I was a kid…well hell up until I got a car…I rode my bike EVERYWHERE. Nothing was too far away. I rode to the store…to church…to…well to everything. And I LOVED it. So why did I stop? Cars were new…cars were cooler. But now…cars are yeah fun…but this ever expanding ass of mine is not so cool. So my buddy and I headed over to the local bike store to look for a ride. I mean how much could a bike cost anyway…a few hundred bucks maybe? I can make that happen. Heh…yeah as if.

I walk into the local bike shop and start looking around at all of the goodies that they have. Nice bikes…all of em nice. But I don’t want a mountain bike…hell it is like buying a dirt bike to drive around on the street. I also didn’t want a serious road bike. I mean really…Lance Armstrong I am certainly not. I mean it would be like buying a Super Sport bike (ya know the ones…0-60 in 2.3 seconds. ¼ mile in under 10 seconds…top speed of 190mph.) to drive around town at 25 mph. So what was left? A bike I had previously never thought of. The Road Touring bike. They are more durable than a Road bike…able to handle MUCH more weight (which is fortunate for me), and more efficient than a mountain bike. This is the jack of all trades. And I have found the one I want. Solid aluminum frame…dual disk brakes (yeah you heard that right), it only comes in silver, it has cool shifting levers that are also the brake levers…and all sorts of other things that mean squat to me. But the important thing is, I rode it around the parking lot and LOVED it. It was comfortable…big enough…smooth…not twitchy at all…and well easy to ride. So I did what anyone in my place would have done. I innocently how much the thing cost. Well the nice bike clerk informed me that it was on sale …and that they are willing to part with it for a meer $1100. Thud….(that was me hitting the ground). Damnit!!!! Why do I have to have such expensive tastes? Why can’t I like the huffy over at Wal-Mart for $25.99? Fuck me…

But ya know…what is the point of making money if you don’t spend it right? And really…if you are going to spend money on something you may as well make sure that it is of a good quality that you won’t out grow too quickly right? So with the $250 I get from work for fitness and fitness related endeavors…that brings me to a cool $800. Add to that the $500 I made off of per diem in Baltimore (free money as far as I am concerned) and I am at $350 (a price I was originally willing to spend on a bike)…but somewhere in there I need to come up with the money for the motorcycle…Arrrggghhh! I hate budgeting! I know I can do it…I just need to figure out how. Oh yeah…crap I almost forgot…I am selling the Jeep. That will cover both the bike and the…er…bike. Hah…it is all good. Now I just need to get on Brian the Mechanic to get that thing sold.

So what am I going to do with this bike the pedally one not the vroomy one once I get it?

Have I mentioned that the WO&D is right outside my back door? This is a bike path that as a kid I logged many a mile on. And with it being right there…I am hoping to do that all over again. An hour a day…5 days a week (when I am not on travel) gets me a cool 75 miles a week…Not a bad start. Perhaps I can even get myself to a point that I can consider doing what my buddy is planning for the end of next month…He is gong to ride a century…100 miles in one day. Man…that sounds pretty fun actually.

Well anyhow…I guess we shall see what happens.

One way or another I will have at least one more new bike…perhaps 2 if things go the way I hope.

So with all that said…that brings me to the best part of this Diary…

Today I learned that bears can live for 30 to 35 years! Can you believe that! How cool!

And now its your turn. What have you learned today?



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