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2005-06-01 - 11:04 a.m.

Holy Cow!
2 entries in 2 days! I can't believe this.

And why am I here? I guess it is to rant about work. My team is back down to 3 members. That means that I will be on travel almost every week now. But gets worse. I found out last night at dinner that my co-worker and boss are both now looking for new work...I fear that very soon it will be just me left holding the basket here...and this is not a job that I can do by myself. Sigh...

In other news...the lead developers for my project just got fired. This once again pushes back the application deployment...meaning that I will be stuck in Baltimore for yet more time.

Heh...I am beginning to think of Baltimore as purgatory. I am forced to wait out some set ammount of time while the powers that be decide whether I am to ascend to heaven of be forced to travel to hell.

I so should be looking for new work. Problem is...I have worked so hard on this project...I don't want to see it fail. Sigh...

In other news, I think that I am going to try and get back to the forge. 2 years has been too long to have been away from the heat and the metal and the hammer...I miss it. So I reckon that over the next few weeks I am going to spend my weekends at my Uncle's place cleaning out the garage and trying to set up Shop. Right after I figure out how to either re-hang the garage doors...or install new ones. It is not that I am all that worried about my things getting stolen...but that he lives on a dirt road, and the garage sits right on said road...the dust is amazing in there, and I don't want to have to be constantly fighting it. swing a hammer again. I can almost feel it. Who knows...what with Highland River Melees comming up...I may have to pack up that traveling gear and make an appearance.

Cycling has been wonderful so far this year. I have really began to put down the miles in good size chunks. Yeah now while I realize that for really hard core cyclists 30-50 miles is just a warm up...for me it is a pretty big deal. But I hope to be putting insane miles on the bike come the end of the season (75-100 miles on a regular basis). The new bike is wonderful...I am so very happy that I invested in it. Though I have to admit...cycling is a disease. I am already looking at component cycling clothing...and perhaps in a year or so yet another bike (I am thinking that I am going to splurge on a carbon fiber frame for my next ride)...but that is way in the future.

Let me see...what else. Ahhh...a garden. I have one (well sortta have one) this year. It is small...only a 5x10 raised bed, but I should get a nice yeild of goodies out of it. Lets see...I have Basil (Green and Purple) some dill, a green pepper, bush Cucumbers, some yellow squash, tomatos...and much to the distress of the girl...I have flowers in there as well. Marigolds to keep the bugs away...zinnias cause they look nice, and snapdragons cause they are way cool looking. I can hardly wait till the garden starts really producing!
Who knows...I may even get to do a little canning this year. I SO miss doing that.



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