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2005-06-06 - 6:31 p.m.

I think that I have a problem. Perhaps a very serious one.

See...I am becomming addicted to biking and all the things that go along with it.

For example...I just bought new pedals for my bike. $175 worth of new pedals. What the hell is wrong with me? They do match the bike though...and they are some REALLY REALLY nice pedals...not top of the line...but fairly close. Sigh...I got a free bike tune up to go along with the pedals...

Yeah, I guess that really does not make it any better. Is there a 12 step program to help people with this kind of problem?

Again...sigh. Well at least this time I have chosen a hobby that is not quite so heavy. In fact the more you spen the lighter things get! This is good right? I can tote this hobby around on the Mustang.

Yeah...I guess not.

Good news is that I have lost 25 pounds since I started riding this season! I am very happy about that, and my riding keeps getting better and better. In fact last nights ride was pretty fantastic...humidity and everything. 18 miles in one hour! I was cooking! I was sustaining 22 mph at many points in the ride! Major milestone for the Bear! In fact the ride last night would have been fantastic had it not been for one small issue. I too a bug in the 20+ mph. It hurt...and then I had to flush my eye out. Problem is the only liquid I had on me was gatorade. Yeah...that hurt too. and today all my co-workers were wondering why my eye was so red and puffy. Ugh...

Well I think I am bailing on riding tonight. Just too damn Humid and Hot. I wimp. But gimme a break...I did have a good hard ride yesterday! and I did go to the gym after all. Tomorrow...I think I will ride hills tomorrow. That should hurt enough to be lots of fun!



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