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2004-11-02 - 8:27 a.m.

Funny how easy it is to get out of practice for doing things. Writing has gotten so much harder for me lately. Not cause I don’t have anything to say these days, but because it is once again hard for me to write anything that is not work related (ya know…all that technical writing crap). And yes, while I realize that the only way to get back in to “shape” is to start writing is hard. So bear with me.

Election Day. It is hard to believe that my vote makes a difference what with the Electoral College what it is. Ever since I was 18 I have gotten out and voted…in Virginia. And every time my candidate looses the sate…and I am left wondering how my vote mattered. I know “My vote could be the deciding vote” or if everyone felt that way no one would vote blah blah blah…

When all is said and done no one really gives a fuck that a third or half of the state ( or the country for that matter) didn’t want you in office. No one cares that you voiced your opinion. And that bothers me. Virginia has 13 electoral votes, and in typical Old Dominion fashion I expect to see that all 13 will go to Mr. Bush. But I can’t help but feel that this invalidates my vote. This all or nothing thing sucks in my opinion. It is frustrating…and…bah…never mind. I will go to the polls and cast my vote regardless...and will have my vote either validated or invalidated by this winner take all policy.

I spent the last week up in Baltimore for work again. And as is par for the course it was fun enough…but fairly unproductive. There was no one in the office. Heh funny that…but our contractor psudo-boss told us that this would most likely happen since this trip was politically motivated. Ahhh…the joys of living and working in corporate America. Bah…

The apartment is getting closer and closer to finally being finished. I am waiting on a few book cases, a new sofa, and a bike rack and with that…I think that I will finally be done. I am very excited by this prospect. No more clutter…no more stacks of books and stuff. It will be nice…organized (well as much as my life ever is…it will never be a contender for a better homes and gardens spread) and most importantly…mine. No sharing…no compromise…no nothing. Funny how the single life has become so appealing to me once again. Its a quiet life…and some times a bit lonely…but the huge reduction in bull shit, angst, frustration is certainly worth it…at least for now.

Well it is time that I try and get some work done…more later. I hope.



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