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2004-07-13 - 7:47 a.m.

Today will be a trial by fire.

This will be my first “Official” Class (no I still do not have a clearance yet…but that is a whole different story). What was to be a 12 person class has now dribbled down to 4…but the exciting thing is that there will be every big wig that is attached to this program (on the client’s side) there to observe us. What a great idea. Watch us on our very first run. That ought to impress folks. Oh and have I mentioned that even while I type we are trying to get the system working correctly. Yesterday as I was going over the application one last time before today’s live fire training, and I found that several of the forms are not saving properly. Ugh…Oh yeah…and then there is the part about lots of changes being made to the application and us trainers only getting about 6 hours to familiarize ourselves with it...and no our class materials do not reflect those changes yet. Ugh…this is going to be such a train wreck…I can feel it. We have divided the class in to 3 parts cause the powers that be want to see each of us train. Me…I’m not too worried. I have a fair ton of teaching experience to fall back on…I’ll be fine. I can fake just about anything. It is my co-workers that I am worried about. The one guy…well he is all overconfident, and treats his classes like a motivational lecture, and the other gal…well she is just timid and lacks self confidence. Oh and have I mentioned that I am the only one on the team with any teaching experience at all? Oh yeah…this is a dog and pony show and we are showing up with cats and donkeys. Ugh…

Well it is back to prepping for this class. Wish me luck…we’re gonna need it.



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