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2006-06-07 - 7:50 p.m.

Well...things are out of my hands for now. We shall see what the insurance company does. Sigh...I miss my Bike. I miss riding with my Uncle.

The good news...I have found a possible replacement up in Dover. Not such a long drive for what looks like a great bike at a decent price. I would like to spend less...but then I would get less wouldn't I. For those that care...I am looking at a 2004 Nicky Hayden edition RC51. is older than what I had...but has less miles. I hope this or something similar works out sooner than later.

Work has gotten much better...unfortuantly it is because we have a new guy on the team that is a hard case, and he has attracted the ire of Mgmnt. That has let me off the hook as whipping boy. Part of me is thrilled...but most of me feel bad for the new guy. I am trying to get through to him...Gonna see if I can get him to go out and have a beer with me this week so I can try and get into his head...maybe help him his eyes a bit so he doesnt loose his job. That and I want to keep him on the team so I dont have to travel near as much...sigh...damnit. Dont folks do things anymore with out having an ulterior motive?

What am I becoming?



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