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2007-02-08 - 8:19 a.m.

6 degrees is getting a bit cold for me. In fact, I am getting kinda tired of being cold all the time. Funny eh? In the summer I am tired of being hot and whish I were too cold…in the winter I wish I were too hot…Is there ever a time when the weather is so perfect that you wish it would stay that way forever?

I’m not sure…I can think of some pretty fantastic days, but I think that I would get bored of them and find myself looking for the weather extremes once again. I don’t get how living in weather paradise where it is 75-80 degrees all the time does not get…stale. Guess I’m just a weirdo.

I think that what is really making me antsy is the lack of good riding weather. I really want to get back out on the bike again, but the older I get…the less I want to ride in the bitter cold. Call me crazy…

I guess I don’t have all that much longer to wait though. Summer is just around the corner, and with that comes all the riding I can stand.

Work is of course going well. I got a pile of exams graded and reported yesterday. It was nice to feel like I was contributing to the team…it was nice to list myself as billable. That seems to be all the talk lately. Billable billable billable. I mean I understand it really…that is how we make money and all, but it seems like folk are much more obsessed with it lately. It must be the numbers, and all those other hidden things that I am not privy to.

Today should be a good one though. It is not that I have some great project to work on or anything like that, but I am hoping to wrap up a task that I was given, and then start working on my End User plan. Ya know…class progression, transitions, exercises…all that good stuff that I will need to put into play here next month when I go to Miami. It will be nice to finally get in front of a class…I will feel like I am REALLY contributing then…and it will take much of the jitters out of me.

Things on the home front are going well. I was talking to the lady friend last night and she got me thinking about where to live. Come July I need to consider relocating…but where too. I have to be honest…NoVA was never in my year plan. I did not intend to stay here…so worrying about where I wanted to drop roots was a non issue. But now…well now I have a job I really like, the Raptor center which I really dig, a girl worth sticking around for…perhaps I need to take this living in NoVA thing a bit more seriously. I think that it would be nice to live closer to the metro…that is for sure. I believe that if it were easier for me to get into the city…I may do it more often. I loved being in SF…and I am pretty sure that DC life would be much the same. Enh…but it leaves me in a quandary. I am thinking that I will perhaps start looking around the Reston, or perhaps Falls Church areas for a place to live. I dunno…I just have no idea what is out there…but I do know that I need to think about buying a place…and settle down finally. I just need to find a place with a Garage…that I all I ask for. And seeing as how 2007 is quickly turning into the best year ever…so far…perhaps this is the year I find a more permanent place to live.

Ugh….worst bit of rambling EVER…I guess I will call it quits for today. Funny how out of practice ya get when it comes to writing. Anyhow…I reckon there will be more later…



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