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2007-02-16 - 8:40 a.m.

What a week.

I am glad that it is coming to an end.
I love my new job...but I think that I am doing my job a bit too well. Is that possible? Well it sure seems to be. See, once again I have run out of work to do. Now normally this would not be a problem. I would just lean over as tell the boss lady that yet another project that she has given me is complete. But here is the rub. I am one of the only folks in the office this week. See, it is the TUF conference in Fla (yeah...lucky bastards. Here I am, freezing my ass off and fighting with snow, ice, and the dumb fucks who can't seem to understand that slowing down in these conditions might be a good idea) which means that there is no one to go to for more work. So I have been sitting here yesterday and today TRYING to find something to do. Yeah...I like it more when I have work. It makes the day go by.

In other news...I have finally joined the masses and scored myself an I-Pod. is pretty cool. And I am doing my best to pack it full of I-Pod goodness...In fact this week I have been rocking away to the billboard top 100 for the 80's...and I still have the 90's and 00's to go yet. 2500 songs take a really long time to get through!!! But any how, I am still getting used to I-Tunes. Not sure I like it yet, but at least I can make it work. It is supposed to be easier I know...but I guess I am just so used to the "evil" Windows Media Player that I am making I-tunes harder than it needs to be. I dunno.

So there is the chance that next week..or the week after that I will be enjoying the Sun and Surf in Newfoundland. I cant wait. I am SO tired of the cold and snow, it will be nice to get away from it all...hehe. Yeah...Who the hell sends folks to the great white north in the middle of winter? Oh well, perhaps I will see moose and polar bears. That could be exciting.

I am starting to begin that long look for a new car again. I have had the Mustang now for almost 4 years now and I am about to break the 100k mark, which leaves me wondering if I should see about replacing it before I need to start doing the annoying fixes. It is still running great, in fact, it has been hands down the best�Kmost reliable car I have ever owned. A real treat I must tell you. And fun to drive! But I am beginning to think that I may need a bit more room than it has to offer. So with that said...I am looking at the new body style convertible Mustang GT, and the Dodge Charger RT. Granted the Dodge has more room, but they only come in an automatic, and I have historically not had the best luck with the ole slush box. I dunno...they will cost me about the same, unless I can find a used one that fits my needs like the current GT did. Then there is the Toyota FJ Cruiser also, I kinda like that, and I really like the Toyota durability. 200k out of one is common place. Heh...weird...I am starting to think so long term with these things...I must be growing up or something :)

Valentines day did not go quite according to plan this year. Though I am not at all unhappy with how the day went, I am sure the Lady friend would have been happier if her car had not started acting up. Needless to day, it warmed my heart that I was the one she called to come "rescue" her. Ok...I really did not rescue her, she had things well in hand (something I really like about her) but the simple fact that she wanted me to come help was pretty cool. Though like a big dummy, I left here v-day present sitting on the coffee table at home. I get to see her tomorrow though, so it is not like she won't get it till march or something. I hope she likes it (not sure I can say what I got her here though...she is a smart cookie, and may be reading this). Any how, tomorrow will be an exciting and interesting evening. As I have been joking...I get to run the friend gauntlet. One of her good friends is having a b-day party, and I have been invited. Heh, hope things go well...

With that said, I went a bit crazy yesterday, and decided that I needed some nicer clothes for going out and all. So, 2 outfits later and a jacket to replace the ragged army green jacket that I wear all the time...oh and a few new dress shirts and ties, and I am wondering how the world can charge SO much for clothes! OMG...heh...but I do look pretty good in what I picked out, even though I am pretty fashion challenged. Hope the lady friend likes my choices...

So all this cold weather is KILLING me. I want to get out on the CBR in such a bad way. Hell I am starting to feel guilty that I have this expensive ass Bike and never ride it. Ok no one is really riding now. I understand that, but that does not change the fact that I want some warm weather so I can get out and zoom around a bit. I mean come on!!! Give me a 45 degree day...that is all I ask for! Shrug...what can I say, I'm an addict or something.

Well I reckon that I should get back to trying to be productive here today.

OH...Sunday is Geeks at the theatre day! Davie, Bruce and I are heading off to see Ghost Rider...Hope it does not suck.

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