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2004-04-15 - 8:54 a.m.

Good morning world.

Life here in the DC area is finally starting to settle down. I don’t have a place of my own yet, but I do have a place to stay that is very comfortable. Gotta love friends.

The move last week went fairly smoothly. My Uncle and I took the Miracle of Transportation 2 ™ (the Shop Box Truck) to gather my belongings from Norfolk at truck them out here. Pardon me? Why do I call it the Miracle of Transportation 2 ™? Well lemme tell ya. The thing runs great…but…well lemme tell ya. There I was opening the door of the truck to get in, I reach up to take a hold of the grab handle to help me up in to the truck and the thing almost pulls away in my hand (It was missing a few screws). So then I put my hand on the fender to help push myself up into the truck and my hand almost goes through (the fender had some rust problems). So I finally scramble up into the beast and reach down for the seat belt only to find that the buckle is tied on to the belt. Ugh…(Fortunately my Uncle is one of the best drivers I know). He then asks me to adjust the mirror on my side of the truck for him so I go to open the window only to find that the crank is gone. Sigh…So I reach for the little vent window...unlatch it and proceed to almost push the thing out of its frame. It was an adventure I tell ya. But I am very grateful to my Uncle for letting me use the beast none the less. Did I mention that the thing runs like a top? It is this huge beast of a thing and it still gets 12 mpg. Heh…how does that stack up to yalls cars/suv’s? I know my old blazer got about that same mileage.

So in other news…today I get to go to lunch with the #2 man in the company. I believe that he is going to talk to us about the direction that he envisions our project going, as well as to introduce us to our new boss (not that we don’t already have a pretty good idea of who that is going to be). It should be fun…at least I hope it will be fun.

I guess that is it for now…Gotta get this in before the web locks get…er locked.

Oh and GO BRUINS! What a sweet sweet thing to see them leading in the first round of the playoffs…



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