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2004-03-15 - 4:17 p.m.

Dear Diaryland…it has been several weeks since my last update. Please forgive me.

Well it seems that regular updates are going to continue to be sparse at best. This is once of the sites that are blocked at work…and like most of yall…you do your updating at work. I know that I did.

So what is going on in the life of this Bear? Well not much to be honest. I have been spending my weekends in Norfolk packing my little heart out. This past weekend I managed to get the Garage, attic, and all the closets in the house packed up and ready to go. I also managed to unload 2 pickup loads worth of stuff on the neighbors. I mean really…I no longer have a use for garden tools, leaf blowers, yogurt makers, mountains of coolers etc. I felt good really. Now lets hope that I can continue with this unloading process. I really want to try and get my life uncluttered. Its hard…so much of my crap has some stupid meaning or another…but I am being strong…and of course I am relying on my friends to throw stuff out while I am not looking.

The goal is to be out of the house completely by the end of the month…but I am not so sure that that is going to happen. There seems to be so much left to do and so little time left to do it all in. Ugh…and at some point I still need to find either a place to rent…either apartment or storage facility.

Speaking of housing, I am horrified by the cost of living here. Not the day to day stuff really. Yeah gas is expensive and milk is a bit more a gallon…but where the real hurt is, is in the cost of housing. A house that would have run me 60k in Norfolk is closer to 250k here in DC. It is disgusting really. I thought that I was going to be making good money here…but not really. There is no way that I will be able to afford a house…let alone an apartment. Everything I have looked at so far is $1200 a month or more. I swear it is enough to make a fellah sick to his stomach.

In other news…the insurance company has decided that they are not going to pay to have my car fixed. They claim that the damage is more than the car is worth. I can’t even begin to tell you how sick this makes me. All because some dick head tire jockey over torqued the lugs on my right front wheel. Now I have to hope that the payout that the insurance folks gave me ($2300) is going to be enough to get the car back on the road. It won’t be as nice as it was…but at least it will keep me going till I am ready to get a new car. Sigh…I am really not happy about all this. It just reinforces my belief that Insurance Companies are nothing but a bunch of crooks. I mean look…this dude fucked up. It caused my car to be messed up. I think that they should return the car to the condition it was in BEFORE the jackass touched it…regardless of how much the “supposed value” or the car is. I mean really…I can’t replace my car with its twin for what they paid me…but isn’t that what they are supposed to do with that payout? Yeah I know I can take them to small claims court…I could get the car re-assessed and force these folks to fix it…but I am so tired right now, what with the new job, the packing in Norfolk…and all that. I just don’t have the energy to fight yet another battle.

Well I reckon that this is all the carrying on that you are going to get from me today.

So today I learned that Memory sticks are one of the most useful things that I have purchased in along time. For a mere $30 you can get a 128 meg memory stick from Beat Buy. This little miracle acts as a mini drive that all you have to do is plug in and use. Very helpful for folks who are always jumping from one computer to another. This way I can keep all my forms and current projects with me and work from anywhere. And yeah I know I could do all this with a CD or a disk…but this thing is so little and so easy…

Well any how. That is what I learned today…how bout you? What have you learned?



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