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2005-02-22 - 11:23 a.m.

Well my hard work and restricted diet are finally beginning to pay off. Down 5 pounds this week. Finally...this is the first bit of weight loss that I have seen since I started working out almost 2 months ago. Not that I have not seen any results...I have. Endurance is way up from what it was (I think spinning is responsible for that) and I am seeing pretty large gains in the lifting department as well. 6 weeks ago I was benching a measley 135, and last night I was pushing 225. I would say that is a pretty good gain. And that is pretty much the way all my lifting has gone. No complaints there...Heh, and I always thought I was pretty strong...I can't wait to see what I think in a year.

So the Puck Eater has infected me with the WoW bug as well...Heh, like I needed another excuse to waste time. Oh is fun right now, and beleve it or not it is a HUGE money saver for me. I play that instead of going to the movies or eating out or any of that costly stuff.

Last week marked one year for me at my company. Funny, but it sure seemed to go by fast. Thing is, I really don't feel like I really accomplished all that much. No, this job does not really test anything but my patience. As soon as the Secret clearence comes through I think it will be time to jump ship. I need more money any way.

Well that is about it. Nothing really all that exciting like usual.



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