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2005-02-11 - 11:10 a.m.

Can you believe it?
I actually have something to write about!

Yesterday was my very first spinning class…OMG…yeah, it kicked my ass. Big time. It was 45 minutes of unadulterated pain, and had we been on the road, I would have been dropped by the rest of the pack like a bad habit. Guess that is what I get for taking an Ultimate spin (read for advanced spinners) to start with…But, I never stopped…I slogged up every hill, and did my best in the sprints and for 25 minutes I was actually ok…but then I hit the wall. And oh was it a big solid wall. But I kept spinning and spinning and spinning.

It was painful, exhausting, and miserable (at times)…heh…and there is a class today at 6:30 that I am going to. Hehehe…guess that I am just a sucker for punishment these days.

And yeah that punishment carries over to lifting now as well. Do you know what a strip set is? Yeah…a strip set is designed to cause you as much pain and suffering as possible I think. But man do you feel good when you are done.

Let’s give you and example. Dumbbell curls…3 sets each set broken into 3 parts. Part 1 40 pound dumbbells 12 reps…drop em grad the 30 pounders and try for 12…drop em and grab the 20 pounders and try for 12. Do this 3 times. I tell ya…it is funny to see a burley fellah like me straining to curl 20 pounds…Then after dumbbell strip sets, it is off to strip sets with the bar…and we do it all over again…and then you hurt for 3 days. But it is a good hurt…right?

No real weight loss has occurred yet, but I think that was because I was eating like a fool still (and the workouts have sure increased my appetite)…but that has come to a screeching halt. During the week I have found it to be pretty easy to moderate my eating…and if I keep busy on the weekends it is easy to do then as well. Perhaps soon I will start to see some results. I sure would like to see some results. Oh and I have found a new kitchen toy…it is a Centrifugal juicer. The damn thing is pretty cool really, and I have found that I am juicing everything I can get my hands on. Kale, spinach, carrots, celery, tomatoes…you name it. And I have been getting pretty creative with my mixes…which have varying results, some good and some…………not so good. But who cares, I means it is juice…and goes down pretty quick. I really recommend one of these things to everyone. I got mine at Target for like $30…and ya know, aside for the cleanup on the machine, it is easy to use…and well worth the $$$ I paid for it.

Lets see…what else?

Hmm…Work is the same ole same ole. I have a big deadline coming up, and I yet again do not have all the materials to work with to get it done. Sigh…gotta love working for the Gov’t. Another of my co-workers quit the team…so I am now the only one who has actually taught the application. Oh joy…In fact the other 3 members left have less combined time on the project than I do. Bah…Oh and I am now the Courseware Development Project Lead which means fuck all. All the responsibility and no compensation. Oh well…it is a stepping stone and will look good on a resume.

So I have a question for all of yall…What do you know about Boston? I am kicking around the idea of packing up and heading there. I am pretty tired of the DC area…and Virginia as well. I guess the time I spent in Cali has got the travel/move somewhere new and interesting bug in me. So this is a request for real info about Bean Town…
I have heard that it has the 2nd largest percentage of Professional Single Women in the US. That can’t be bad can it? Oh and it is Home to the Bruins…a perk for sure. And before you tell me…yes I know that it gets cold there…and it snows a lot…and it is an expensive place to live (but did you know that real estate is much cheaper there than it is here in DC? I can actually find a single family home there for under 200k). So any how…What can ya tell me about it? Anything…? Buler?



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