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2004-01-09 - 9:50 a.m.

Well it looks like I have gone and fallen off the update bus…sorry bout that. I guess I really haven’t had anything interesting to talk about lately.

I unfortunately won’t be going to 12th night this year. Not enough time or money…sigh. The good news is that my A&S project will still make it though…SO, if you find yourself at 12th night, swing on by and take a look at my Scramasax. Lemme know what ya thing and stuff.

The security clearance stuff is moving right along albeit slower than I would like. I will be in DC Monday morning for round 2 of the stuff. Finger Printing and stuff like that. I can hardly wait. But the sooner it is all over and done with the better. I REALLY need and income right about now. That and I am starting to go stir crazy here. None of the Temp agencies have work so soon after the X-mas rush so I find myself kicking the crap outta X-box games right and left. Lemme see…Crimson skies (cool game), beat it…Mechwarrior (decent game), beat it…Armed and Dangerous (funnier n hell game), beat it…Jedi Academy (good game but it CHEATS!), almost have it beat…and the list goes on. Sigh…I gotta find something to DO!

This weekend looks to be promising. I’m going to have a few folks over for geekin-cookin-movie watchin-and who knows what else. Should be fun. Not 12th night fun but fun none the less.

Well as you can see Life here in Norfolk is a bit on the slow side…But at least I got around to updating…and now yall know that I’m not dead or anything.

Here’s hoping that round 2 in the quest for the job goes well…



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