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2004-11-04 - 9:17 a.m.

Life has a way of taking twists and turns like you would never expect.

There was a point in my life where I swore that I would never have one of those job that required me to wear a shirt and tie. And today I realized that I wear one every day now. In fact I like it. How odd…

When asked what I wanted for Christmas the first thing that came to mind was shirts and ties…oh and bookcases. Ugh…when did I start growing up?

Today is looking pretty gloomy. Rain rain and more rain. But I am thankful that I have an indoor job these days. I remember back to when I had to work in this kind of weather. You would come home cold…all the way down to your bones. It was no fun at all…Have you ever had to work in the weather? If not…your lucky. Heh…kinda has me thinking of all the different types of jobs that I have held since I started working at 16.

I have been a bagger, a cashier, a stocker, and a deli clerk at a grocery store.
I have worked as a short order cook, a working chef, a waiter, as a bus boy, a prep cook, a butcher, and a manager at a restaurant.
I have been a bus driver.
I have worked in a textile factory as a Slasher.
I have worked in a nursery (the kind that grows plants) as an order puller.
I have worked as a shelver and an associate librarian in a library.
I have done data entry.
I worked as a carpenter’s assistant.
I was a lab tech.
I was a special Ed teacher, I have run a writing to read lab, I have been a teacher and a teacher’s assistant.
I have been a girl’s volleyball coach.
I have been a sheet metal hanger.
I have been a bouncer at a club.
I have been a children’s tour guide at Colonial Williamsburg, as well as a costumed employee there.
I have been a baby sitter.
I have been a landscaper.
I have worked as an auto mechanic.
I have worked as a technical outreach instructor for the community.
I have worked at a wildlife rehabilitation center.
I have worked at a day care center.
Have I missed anything? Heh…I am sure I have…
And now I am an Instructor working for a government contractor…and I wear a tie to work…every day. Hmm…who would have ever thought?

Heh…and I am only 34…That is quite a list for 18 years…

Pretty exciting really…but it leaves me wondering.

What will the next 18 years have in store for me?



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