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2005-10-13 - 9:50 p.m.

I know that I just don’t write enough anymore. Not really sure why that is. I have free time again in the evenings…there really is not all that much to do at the Airport in Baltimore…I mean really, you can only go to Arundel Mall so many times.

Work has been…well trying. This past September the contract that I have been working on for the last year and a half had come to an end…so I got to experience a new kind of stress that I would be more than happy to never experience ever again. The good news is that we were awarded the contract again…so for now I am still gainfully employed. But…and yeah, there always seems to be a but with this job…my current boss has turned in her notice. So lets see in a year and a half that would take the number of managers that I have seen come and go to a ridiculous 5. Now couple this with the fact that I have been on 100% travel since June and you can understand why I am looking for a new job. Preferably not in the DC area. Really…this place is just not for me. Aside from a few friends and my Aunt and Uncle…there is really nothing that makes me even consider staying here. The good news is that I am turning in a resume with a company in Richmond…wish me luck. I think I will enjoy being there really. I can afford housing there…I will be closer to more friends and most of all…I will not be stuck in cursed NoVa.

I am very much looking to get home this weekend. I have a handful of motorcycle parts waiting for me. A new jacket, a stand, spools, new M4 cans…I mean really I have all these new goodies just waiting to go on the bike, and I am stuck here in B-more…Oh Friday hurry up and get here!

So…ever get the feeling that you life is on hold? Oddly enough, I have felt like that now for a good 6 months now. I guess it is because I just do not see me progressing anymore. I am stuck here in a Job rut…home rut…life rut. Most of my time is spent on the road far from friends. It really begins to wear on a person…leaving them feeling out of touch with so much. Well out of touch with everything but the TV I guess. And the shame of it is…I am really not much of a TV fan. Sigh…if only I got OLN in the hotel…at least I could be watching Hockey instead of the mind rotting crap that is usually on. Enh…guess I am just getting bitter and old or something.

Tonight was a bit exciting though. I went to Medieval Times for the first time! Can we say Yeah Per Diem! I let the gov’t pay for my evenings entertainment. And entertaining it was…in a omg I cant believe what I am seeing this is so campy and…and…WRONG! Hehe. I guess I will forever be a medieval nerd. Oh well…Needless to say, it was fun, OH and my Co-worker Shaz was made the Queen of Love! I think the really caught the eye of the red-n-yellow Knight!

Well I guess this is a good an update as yall are gonna get. I just am not in the mood for writing tonight. But I am still alive…and I am still always on the road…so really…nothing has changed in my life since the last time I wrote.

Till I get the urge to update again…



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