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2005-09-14 - 7:31 a.m.

Can it really be that I have not written in so long?

I guess that is what happens when you are on the road all the time. Funny…I am not even sure where things go in my apartment anymore. I have to stop and think about it. My poor fish are suffering horribly from all the travel as well. I think that in the last 2 pushing 3 months (I have been on the road…home on the weekends…for almost that long now) I have lost 6 or more of the little guys…It really sucks.

Well as you can probably guess, the travel is starting to finally wear on me. Thank God that this week I am actually home. It was a real joy waking up this morning knowing that all I have to do is drive in to the office…and knowing that I will get to repeat this for an entire week is a real treat. My boss calls it my Birthday present.

Speaking of which…35! I can’t believe that I am almost (well I might as well be) 35. Where has the time gone? It seems like just the other month I was only 30 (though oddly enough I have to really think about things earlier than that!). Weird…I never thought this is where I would be in life. Not that I am complaining. It is not a bad spot to be in…just not what I expected.

So I gave myself an early B-day present. I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a motorcycle. It is a very RED Suzuki SV1000S. And yes…I realize that this does not mean much to anyone. So here is a short description of the bike. It is RED! Think of it like a Ducati for poor folks (A Duc can easily run you $20k). The bike is 996cc. putting around 115-120 hp to the rear wheel (on par with most cars out there…especially if you think that hp rating for cars is measured at the flywheel not the rear…or drive wheel…you loose a lot of hp once you go through the tranny and diff.) Oh…and it is a nekkid sport bike…though mine has an aftermarket faring on it…dealers decision not mine…but it cost next to nothing (as opposed to the usual $800). I have had the bike for a little over a month now and have over 2k miles on it already. I ride this thing all the time…especially with gas costing what it does at the moment. 50 mpg is very welcome and makes the Mustang at 22 mpg seem like a gas pig. The other thing that I am enjoying with owning a bike again is all the accessorizing that goes into it. Gotta get the right gear and parts for the bike after all. It is a game really. These boots and that helmet…that jacket…these cans (exhaust) to go with this tank bag…etc. I have never been big on going shopping…but these days I can’t stay out of bike shops…I mean, you never know…they might just have the “Must Have” accessory!

Let’s see…what else is going on? Oh yeah…Hockey is back! I am so geeked by that! And to make things better, I got an invite from a good friend of mine (who is now living in Pittsburgh) to go see the Penguins opener. Fortunately it is against the Bruins…so I guess I will make that trip (twist my arm right?).

Cycling has taken a header in my world unfortunately…cycling in Hagerstown is not really much of an option…and what with riding the Motorcycle (to save on $$$) means that I don’t get to tote it along anyhow. Oh well…here is hoping that next year settles down a bit, and I can get back to it. I certainly miss getting out and cycling…just getting out and doing really.

Which brings me to my most recent frustration... I HATE eating at restaurants. I am forced to eat at them 3 times a day…5 days a week for months on end now. And it is all crap! Well ok…not really, but I am so tired of it…and it is not doing anything to help my weight loss…which has turned to weight gain again. Sigh…Funny…when I am at home I eat like a…er…not going to say…but I eat like one. Yogurt and grapenuts mixed with a slim fast for breakfast…today it is couscous and peas for Lunch, and dinner looks like it is going to be a big ole pile of what ever veggie I have in the fridge…and maybe some left over lamb from when I made dinner the other night. I SO miss being home! Perhaps getting back to my nice strict diet will help me feel like less of a mass(ive?) consumer.

So it is finally rolling around to my favorite time of year again. Fall…it is the best. I dunno how to describe it really…but it smells right. The leaves turning…the cooler weather…crisp clear sky…the chill night (which makes for FANTASTIC sleeping). I dunno how to describe it…but I can tell ya that it has me missing Tech something fierce. Fall was always the best down there. Guess I am going to have to go down there soon for a visit so that I can get my fall fix.

Work is pretty much the same ole same ole. I should find out this week or early next if we won the bid on the contract that I have been working on for the last year and a half. I am torn between hoping that we do and that we don’t. On one side…better the enemy that you know…but on the other, I would really like a change of pace. I know that I could stay on the project and just jump to a different Company. Funny…but I guess it pays to be an expert in a field. And what with me having more experience working with and training this application than anyone else in the world…I guess that puts me up near the top of the list. Wow…it is so weird to think of it in that way…Right now though I am faced with regular monotony interspersed with little emergency after little emergency. It makes for very long and boring days at work…but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel (deployment world wide of the app) so that makes it a tad more bearable. I just would like to be doing again as oppose to sitting around waiting (for something to happen…or break…or whatever).

Well I guess that I have prattled on for long enough…about a whole lot of nothing. Perhaps (if something inspires me) I will write more this week.

Till then…

What have you learned lately?



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