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2004-09-01 - 8:50 a.m.

Ok so figure this out for me…

My Effin computer…yeah it is working fine today. I connect at a nice fast speed, no hang-ups no nothing. It is like it heard me talking about it and suddenly it got its act together once again.

I guess that means that the folks at Verizon LIE! Oh no Mr. Bear…there is nothing wrong with the service to your community. Everything is working fine, just like the last 10 times you called us about this same problem.

Translation…Fuck you Mr. Bear, you should be happy that I even answered the phone.

So last night I got a little crazy in the kitchen. I made a cream vodka sauce that I honestly have to say I was unimpressed with. I was awfully…well not bland but…perhaps Subtle. Not really what I was looking for. I figure a little red pepper and some good parmesan cheese and it will make for good leftovers.

It is yet another day here at work of manual goodness. Perhaps I will finally get this thing done…but I am not holding my breath at the moment. It seems that every time I start working on one part of it, I find another part that is not right. I am really getting tired of this. Is this what it is like to write a novel? You spend what seems like endless hours working on a project that never seems to get completed…and every time you find your self working on one part…you end up fixing a totally different part?

See this is the problem I have with writing. I am good at it…but I don’t really enjoy it. Hell I write in D-land just to keep myself in writing shape. If I stopped writing…I don’t think I could easily be coaxed into starting up again.

This weekend is a good long one. 3 days off and a 4 day week next week. That is always a treat. Kinda makes you feel like your cheating the system or something. Not really sure what I am going to do with this long weekend…but I am sure that I’ll come up with something. Most likely I am going to do some good riding…My goal is to spin 25 miles sometime this week. I realize that this is pretty ambitious but hey…I can only imagine how cool it will be once I have hit that mark.

In order to make it happen though, I am going to have to work on slowing myself down though. Right now, every time I get on the bike I spin like it is a time trial. I go as fast as I can for as long as I can…and then wonder why I am so whooped after 10 miles. If I can only figure out how to slow myself down…how to pace myself I am sure that I can start doing the longer rides with out much problem.

Yesterday I did not get a chance to get out and ride again. It really sucked…but I did have Dinner Company and that in its self was worth missing a ride. But today…yeah…today I must make sure I get at least a little bike time.

Oh and for those of you keeping track…still no word on the Jeep selling. Perhaps I will put off buying the bicycle and put the money into a new engine for the Jeep and just bring it up to NoVa with me. It would be kinda cool to have the ole rag top up here…and I am sure that it will come in handy during the crappy weather that is due to come my way this winter. I mean I do have a decent bike now…even if it is a bit too big for me…

Hmmm…so many decisions…



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