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2004-08-26 - 9:14 a.m.

Last night was nice and relaxing…but not quiet.

This past weekend I bought myself a copy of the movie The Commitments. Now I had never seen this movie before, but I am very familiar with the music from the movie being that Genie had the soundtrack. So I got home, stripped off the tie, put my feet up and mashed the play button. I was captured! This is one of the better movies that I have seen in a long time. In fact any movie that can make me start fussing at the screen has gotta be good. I was totally captured. I wanted them to succeed and get along and iron out their differences…and when the drummer left…well I was pissed. I really liked the drummer (granted he worked at a blacksmith shop, so I might be a bit biased here). Needless to say, I am now going to have to go out and buy myself a copy of the soundtrack. There are just too many REALLY good songs that these folks did. Mustang Sally, Chain of fools, great renditions of Take Me To the River and Mr. Pitiful. I swear this is some great stuff.

In other news…I am off to HQ for endless meetings. Death by meetings in fact. Ugh…I have 5 today. Not very excited about this. But it is better than working on the hateful manual. I am about tired of looking at that thing. So I guess I had best get going.

Still no bike yet…but that is no surprise. I am not due to get it back till Saturday. But I tell ya…Saturday I am going for maybe 25. I can’t wait. In fact I think that I might ride to my aunt and uncles…that should be fun. A little scary too though being that I will have to do some riding on real roads with real cars. I haven’t done that for in a long time. But enh…I can’t let that stop me can I?



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