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2004-08-23 - 8:53 a.m.

This weekend was both relaxing and stressful. Not really sure how you can roll this all into one package but I managed to. Guess it was stressful cause once again I find myself having to spend more money than I want on things I really don’t want.

WTF is that supposed to mean? Well I have been with my current company for 6 months now…and for 6 months I have been avoiding the “Class A’s” like the plague. In fact during the interim that we had no Training Manager, I had really let my dress slip. It was polo shirts and these jeans that look like kaki’s. But now that we have a manager again, I had to change my evil ways. This means that last Saturday I made a trip to the Men’s Wearhouse. Now I do have to give mad props to Tony, my fashion consultant…or whatever the fuck you call these guys. I walked in the door told him sorta what I needed and within 10 minutes I had 4 pair of slacks, 4 shirts and 2 ties that all fit and matched very very well. I was amazed. In fact I was so stunned that I was unaware that I had dropped $400 on clothes…well until I got them to the car. Then I went into a mild state of shock. The sad thing is…I got off easy…and I know it.

Oh and on a side note…I managed to piss off the anal one today…he is wearing the same color shirt and pants that I am (but my tie is better looking). But I was here first. Hehe…lets see if he doesn’t go home and change during lunch.

In other news…I missed out on the wine festival. Saturday was too rainy so I was very uninspired to go. No great loss though. I managed to get a lot of good things done. Got some nice work clothes, washed and waxed Mustang, hung the rest of the art work at the house, washed clothes…and a ton of other stuff. Oh and Brian was up visiting as well, which was a nice visit as well.

So I am about ready to give up on the Jeep selling. No bites…no nothing. I am about tired of waiting on it. Perhaps I’ll just bring it up here and work on it slowly and get it back to the point where I am comfortable driving it to and from work and stuff. That way when the shitty weather gets here I’ll have a way of getting to work. Granted it means that I’ll have to wait that much longer on my LeMond…but I guess I can do that. This Giant will most likely hold me over for a while. It is a good frame…and I can always up grade the components on it to get it up to a better performing level. Perhaps that is the most responsible route to take anyhow…sigh. I hate being responsible.

Lately I have been sleeping like crap. My body hurts a lot…all achey and crap. I think the cause is a lack of cycling. Kinda like going through DT’s or something. Only a week left till I get my bike back though. That will be nice. I am very excited by the prospect of getting back out on the trail. I know that I have prob lost 5 miles or so…but it should come back fairly quickly. Oh…and with the fantastic weather that is just around the corner! I can hardly wait to get back in the saddle again.

In fact that is a funny conversation that Brian and I had. The more I think about it, the more I feel that I am growing out of the SCA and what it has to offer me. In fact, these days…if I had a choice between going to an event and going riding…I think that I would choose riding every time. I just get more out of it. The SCA for me these days is just an excuse to see folks. And to be honest…as busy as most of my friends are at events means that I get to see em for a very short period of time…That’s just not good enough returns for me these days. Sides like I said before…I seem to be sliding further and further towards introversion and farther from my old extroverted self. It is really weird. I would have never thought that I would enjoy being alone as much as I do these days. Go figure…

Well time to get back to work…ugh…lets see if I can get something accomplished with the 0 resources that I have.



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