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2004-08-20 - 8:46 a.m.

There are few things in this world that piss me off than folks who insist that they are right…even when you prove that they are wrong.

Take the latest 2 examples that I have run into here at work these last 2 days…

Instance number one. Jackass co-worker claims that he can’t tote 3 folks around in his nice new G35 Coupe. He claims that it is smaller inside than my Mustang…and therefore I should be the one who drives all the time. Finally irritated by the fact that he refuses to admit that the real reason that he wants me to drive all the time (the fact that his car is too nice to be letting, and does not want us messing things up by climbing in and out of the backseat…and he does not want to pay for gas…and he does not want to put the miles on his car…etc.), I decided to do a little research. And what did I find? Well…I found that his car does in fact have more room in the back seat than the Mustang (not that I am surprised…Mustangs are not known for their roomy back seats). So when I confronted him with this information he argued with me about it still…The numbers are wrong he claims…blah blah, and he doesn’t care, cause x amount of room isn’t enough room for a passenger anyhow…Yet it is still ok for me to cram our co-worker in the back.

Just fuckin admit that you are too anal to let other folks ride in your precious car and quit making up bullshit excuses for not driving.

Instance number two. The VA wine festival. It is in (well near Winchester) this weekend. Yet he argues that it is in Warrenton. He claims that it has been there for many years and that I am full of shit and don’t know what I am talking about. So…I pull up the site, email him the information…and get this. He still argues with me that I am wrong. He won’t play my stupid games of always having to be the one who is right…and that I need to just go away, leave him alone, and do some work. Did he bother to look at the information I sent him? No…he just got more obnoxious and belligerent.

This is rapidly becoming the norm in the office, and I can’t help but think Fuck every last one of em. I wouldn’t even piss on them if they were on fire. That is how fed up with this attitude that seems to be rampant everywhere these days.

Don’t make up some bullshit excuse to hide your fucked up beliefs…own up to em. And ya know, if you are too embarrassed by them to admit and stand by them publicly then perhaps you ought to reconsider your stance.

Don’t argue a stance and then when you are proven wrong get all belligerent and pissy. Just fuckin try and be graceful and accept that this time your incorrect. There is no shame in it…but there is shame in being a belligerent dick.

So my day has started off in the worst possible way yet again, and I am tired of it. I am getting less and less tolerant of this attitude. Sigh…I and I am getting very tired of being in the minority in the office…that being 8-10 years older than everyone I work with.

I guess finally loosing my shit and screaming Grow up and take responsibility for yourself really wont do anything for me…in fact it will only widen the gap between me and the folks I work with. Fuck them…I just don’t care anymore. I can’t afford to.



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