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2004-08-19 - 8:29 a.m.

Well…finally I am in a better mood. I am not all tired, I am not all bummed to be at work…in fact today…I am in a pretty damn good mood. Whew…

If you haven’t read my last entry do so now…I swear, it has to be one of the funniest articles I have read in a long time. Hehe…brings to mind a joke about some bears…and beer…and Boise.

So today is going to be yet another act of futility as I trek on in to the heart of DC to go to yet another of my endless meetings that never seem to produce anything. I this what growing up is all about? Ugh…Oh and there is still no word on my clearances. The folks who are dealing with them have been on vacation for the last 2 weeks. They will return sometime next week, and by then I am sure they will have lost my packet yet again. I have had to resubmit 4 times now…can we make it five?

This weekend should be fun. Looks like my buddy Vlad may be coming into town to hang out, which will be cool. I haven’t seen him in a while. I think that we are going to do some hyper exciting stuff like hang artwork, get my car serviced…oh and go to the VA wine festival. This in its self will be entertaining since Vlad has little to no appreciation for wine, and the faces he makes when he drinks it are priceless. Oh and perhaps I will try and sing by the comic shop. I am 3 weeks behind on my reading…can you believe it? Yeah me neither. But for the sake of finances I had to put off dropping the $$ on em for a while…well that and shrinking the books that I follow down to something like only 12 or so. Yeah that sucked. But…ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

In other exciting news I bought my Cycling helmet today! WOO HOO! Yup I know yall can hardly control your selves. News like this should have been in the paper I know…but relax and calm your self. I bought a Bell Ghisallo. Yup…I have no fucking idea what that means either. I think it is Italian for Brain Bucket or something I dunno. But any how…I opted for the grey helmet as opposed to the blue and white. I think that it will go better with the jerseys that I am planning to buy. Yeah I know my bike is going to be blue…but it just seems that it would be more important to match the jersey as opposed to the bike.

Well I guess I had best get some work done before the meetings begin.

8 days till I get my bike back…ugh…maybe they will finish up with it early!



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