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2004-08-16 - 12:53 p.m.

Some good news, and some bad.

First the good news. On Friday I picked up a new bike. Not a new new bike, but new to me. It is a Giant Quasar that I found at the local thrift shop. I got a good deal on it as well…$30. Now I knew when I bought it that it was going to need new tires…the ones that were on it were shot all to hell, and I figures that it would need a few other things as part of it old bike tune up. Unfortunately I didn’t expect it to take 2 weeks to get it done. Yeah that’s right…2 weeks. Its gonna kill me. Granted when I get the bike back, it will be in tip top riding condition…which means that I will be able to start rolling up the miles again…but 2 WEEKS! Sigh…this sucks. If my dumb Jeep would just hurry up and sell all my riding problems will disappear very quickly. BAH!

In other news…I saw not 1 but 2 movies this weekend! And ya know what? They were both pretty good.

I saw AvP and The Village.

Thoughts on AvP. I don’t think that the Predators were as nimble as they should have been. They felt very heavy on their feet. I also felt that the movie was neither action filled enough to be an Aliens style movie, nor was it scary enough to be an Alien style movie. In fact for those of you who saw Resident Evil…it was about on par with that. Not bad…but certainly not stellar.

As for the village…well I liked it also…but I figured it out fairly quickly as well. Not that that made it any less of a movie, it was still pretty good, and the leading actress was a hottie, so that was good also (I just can’t believe that she is Ron Howard’s Daughter). Just don’t go into it thinking that it is going to be as good as the 6th Sense was or unbreakable even.

So things here at work today pretty much suck. My office has a door that opens to the outside…in fact it is less that 10 feet from my desk…well today they are replacing the security doors…and the jambs…So it is loud and dusty and fairly hot…simply put…it sucks rocks. Concentrating on writing this current manual is hard enough under good concentration conditions…but today…ugh.

Well that’s about all I got today.

Oh gotta go see if Phelps won the Gold in the 200m Freestyle today…that race should be over here in just a few…



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