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2004-07-26 - 10:47 a.m.

Oh my aching ass…

This weekend I had a pleasant windfall. Went to visit my knight at this new digs (an old church…how cool is that ?) and it turned out that he had an old Schwinn 10 speed sitting in the garage gathering dust. So…he always being one to help out his squire when ever possible told me to go ahead and take it. I guess it helped that he and Amy both had new bikes of their own and were more than happy to get this dinosaur outta their garage. So I pulled off the front wheel… and into the Mustang it went! Betcha didn’t think that would be possible did ya.

Last night I drug the thing up to the apartment and spent the next 2 hours tuning and adjusting the beast in order to get it ready for today’s first ride.

6am I rolled out of bed got all done up in my fancy assed riding gear (red shorts and a t-shirt) slapped on my high tech riding shoes (tennis shoes) got my camelback outta storage and prepared for day one of my very own 180 degree turn around (a concept taken fro the book Heft on Wheels by Mike Magnussen).

Out the door I went…outta the apartment complex…down the hill and over to the WO&D bike trail.

And it wasn’t a minute down that trail that my ass started whining. Something about a knife edge trying to split my poor hips in half. Funny that seat didn’t look this hard and hurtful. But I tell ya…as my day one ride continued I felt my self thinking about how quickly this bike was driving me to sterility. Ugh…going to the bike shop after work today to get me a new seat. Something with a little padding in it…and defiantly one designed for guys. Ya know they have gender specific saddles these days. How cool is that.

Well it didn’t take all that long for me to forget how much my ass was hurting. The route that I have chosen to break myself on happens to be this gradual uphill ride from Leesburg to Clarks Gap. No…it is certainly no Alps…in fact most riders wouldn’t even notice the grade…but I am telling you, I sure did.

2.5 miles out from the apartment and I was spent. My heart was fluttering like a humming bird, my legs were screaming, my ass was throbbing, my wrists hurt…and I was LOVING IT. Absolutely FUCKING LOVING IT.

So after a short rest at the edge of town I turned my yellow dinosaur around and started the trek back to the house. It was a little easier going home being that it was mostly down hill (sortta), but that didn’t stop me from hammering the best I could. And ya know looking back on it…I hammered the shit out of the ride back to the house…especially if you consider that this was my first day out…I weigh over 330 pounds again (damnit)…and the bike I am riding…well wasn’t the 15 pound carbon fiber high tech road machines that the folks who really hammer ride. Yeah I hammered the fuck outta the ride back to the house. To the point where I just couldn’t pedal any more. But then I did…I forced myself to. Yeah it was only 5 miles…and it took me 45 minutes to do it…but ya know…in my head it was my own little tour. And folks in the tour just don’t quit.

But it did happen. I finally broke. Yeah I broke myself on the hill going back up to the apartment. I got about halfway and just couldn’t go any farther. And when I got off the bike it was a struggle to even walk the bike up the hill. Then it was a quick ride back to the apartment and a short climb up the stairs to home.

I hurt. I was tired. And I could hardly walk.

And ya know what…I loved it SO much that I really want to go riding again after work today. I wana ride again tomorrow. And I wanna keep riding till that 5 miles that I started with today doesn’t even count as a warm up. But I know that there is a real danger of over training. So I take tomorrow off. I don’t get to ride again till Wednesday morning. And that sucks. But that is what I gotta do…if I want to make it to my goal for next year. By September next year I will ride my first (of many hopefully) century. That is 100 miles in 1 day.

Yeah I have a ways to go…considering that 5 miles was all I could do today…but hey I only need to add and average of 1.5 miles to my workout every week, which is just .2 miles each day, till my century deadline. And ya know what…I can do that.

Still no word on the Jeep selling. But keep your fingers crossed. The sooner it does…the sooner I will be on my new bike. And right now…that is really all that matters to me.



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