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2004-07-06 - 9:05 a.m.

It seems to be one of those days…I can’t remember anything, and I don’t know why. Addresses, phone numbers, names…ugh, it is like they are just not there. My mind thinks that they are but when it cannot come up with the correct whatever…it makes something up.

It’s scary.

Is the darkness before the storm sortta thing? Will it only get worse? Heh…I guess I shouldn’t dwell on it, cause if it does happen…if my memory does go…I reckon I won’t notice. If you don’t remember what something used to be like you can’t miss it can you?

Nothing new has really happened since the last time I wrote. (at least nothing that I remember). Work is still as unorganized and chaotic as ever. We seem to have these moments of intense stressful work followed by a period of lethargic confusion. Hurry up and wait seems to be the norm around here. Heh…I don’t get it really.

The Jeep still has not sold, but I know I just have to patient. It is hard though. I want the money. It would be nice to pay off the credit cards and get my bicycle. I have been REALLY jonsing to get out and ride. Ugh…must be patient.

The apartment seems to have come to a screeching halt. I have the same boxes sitting around on the floor, or stacked in the corner, or pushed under this or that. I just don’t know what to do with the last of my crap. It is all stuff that I WANT to keep. I am just not sure where to put it. And on top of it all…I am getting tired of the apartment looking so cluttered. That is not a life I want to live any more. I spent much to much of my past living that way. Perhaps I will start with going through my books and see how many of em I can make go away…or I will go through my boxes of cool shit that I have packratted over the years and see if I still think that it is cool enough to keep. If it is that neat I should want to put it out not leave it packed away in a box…right?

I need a toss, sell, keep set of boxes or something. Perhaps that will be a project for this weekend.

The motorcycle has stalled as well. I am thinking that I am going to have to put that on hold until later in the fall or perhaps even this winter. It is going to involve fighting with the creditors yet again to remove an item that does not belong there. Sigh…they are So fucking quick to put shit on those things…but it take a fucking act of God to get something removed. Yet another example of how unfair life can be sometimes. We are so quick to point out the bad…the wrong…the incorrect. Oh well…maybe I’ll forget about all that also.



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