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2004-06-30 - 8:19 a.m.

Did’ja hear? Did’ja?

That’s right…there is plenty of geeky goodness for all walks of life…and I am gonna tell ya about it.

1. For all of you who are living under a big rock, Spiderman 2 is out today! And they claim that it is even better than the first one. Hot damn…I love me some web

slinging action! Oh and if this wasn’t enough…the third installment is slated for 2005.

2. The new Harry Potter Novel Title has been announced! It will be called Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince…er…well ok. You’re the author! Oh and the next HP movies is slated for 2005.

3. For all you Aliens Geeks…McFarlane is releasing a new series of Aliens and Predator ACTION figures…not dolls. Dolls are cute and crap…these are certainly NOT cute. Now I hear ya…what about those Colonial Marines? Where is the love for them? I mean after all they are what made the second movie so great. Well hang on to your panties everyone cause Hicks is going to be released in October! That’s right! An honest to god Colonial Marine! Now if they would only release a smartgunner!

4. Now All you hockey geeks out there! McFarlane is also releasing a new line of “Classic” figs as well…Most notable Gerry Cheevers (a Bruin I might add). I highly recommend going to the site ( and checking em out.

5. And finally if you had some how managed to forget…Today is of course Comic Day.

So that is the wonderful world of geek news…lets move on to something else. How about we talk a little about work.

I found out yesterday that we will be training here in Chantilly on the 12 of July…That is 7 days from today. Thanks for the advance warning…but wait it gets better. I still have not received any information pertaining to the release that was pushed out Friday. Oh wait…that means that ALL of my manuals are out of date! Oh wait I only have 6 working days to get them up to date! Oh…but I don’t have any of the information to bring them up to date. Oh that’s ok I will just log on to the system here and figure it out for myself! But wait…I can’t do that cause the systems here have not been upgraded yet!


Oh right…I forgot…I am working for the Government now. I guess that I am just going to have to accept the fact that we are going to look like unprepared incompetent assholes come the 12th. Goodie.

Oh yeah…and still no word on where my clearance is. Sigh….

So, lemme see, is there anything else worth reporting? Ahh yes…my fish tank. Yeah that thing is relaxing and fun. In fact I think it is a bit too relaxing, it seems that every time I sit down to watch the fish I almost instantly fall asleep. See I am almost convinced that my fish have these strange psychic powers that they use to lull larger creatures to sleep with. That way they will be able to feast for weeks. I tell ya…it’s creepy.

I am still waiting on my Jeep to sell as well. Ugh…I really hate this. But good things come to those who wait…and in this case, if I am patient enough I will have a bike and assorted gear to go with it. Ugh…I hate waiting.

Oh and I did a little research yesterday as to why I “really” got rejected for the Kawasaki credit and I think I have figured it out. I STILL have a student loan on there that claims to be more than 120 days over due…WITH A BALANCE OF 0! I have gone around and around with this item now for close to 2 years! And the God Damn thing is still there! I have disputed it…I have had the dept of Education send them letters…I have tried everything…I swear if this shit keeps up I am going to have to get me a lawyer or something and start threatening legal action…Sigh…and that would totally suck.


This just in…Updates to the system here at the office will be made on the 7th and I will be provided with information on all the changes and updates that day as well. That means I will have 2 days to learn the system…prepare it for training, AND revise the manual! WOOOO FUCKING HOOOO!

Sigh…I can’t believe this. I really can’t. In fact, I am so tired of thinking about it that I am just going to end here…



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