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2004-06-28 - 8:07 a.m.

This last weekend was both productive and amazingly frustrating.

Productive in that I am getting further and further along with unpacking and decorating the house. I got the stereo setup, the speakers hung, some more artwork up on the walls, some more books unpacked. Unfortunately it looks like I will have a few too many things still…so once again I will be putting things on the chopping block. What is going to go this time? Hmm…

Frustrating was the kindest word that I could use in reference to buying my (not my anymore) motorcycle this past weekend. See, it seems that I have had too many different residences in the last 2 years for Kawasaki to extend me a line of credit. Sigh…so this means that if I want this bike I am going to have to pony up cash for it and buy it out right. Well that would at least save me $1000 a year in insurance. Bah…Unfortunately I can’t make 8k magically appear out my butt. So I guess the motorcycle is going on hold for now. Next year will be a new riding season…and I can see about getting a bike then. Bah.

Work has been quiet and frustrating lately. I am still waiting on my clearance to go through, and until it does I am rooted to the office. Sigh…it sure is frustrating when people drag their feet. On a funny note it looks like I will most likely get my secret clearance before my sensitive one (they are issued by 2 different agencies). How funny will that be? Once the Secret comes through…I will be cleared for overseas travel…but I still won’t be able to teach the application to anyone cause I won’t have the sensitive clearance yet. How frustrating.

Oh and speaking about frustrating. My Jeep has yet to be sold. I wish it would hurry up. I want to pay off all sorts of things with the $$$ I make from it…and buy a bicycle. I am SO jonesing to get out and ride…Did I mention that I want to do a metric century by the end of the riding season this year? Yeah…we will see. But hey ya never know…I mean it is only 65 miles afterall.

Oh and I saw a really strange thing yesterday. For some reason the bridge near my house was blocked off…there was police tape stretching across the road…there were some 4 or 5 police cars, and 4 or 5 rescue vehicles and fire trucks…Man I wonder what was going on. They must have had the road blocked for close to 5 hours. Guess I have something to research today…maybe I’ll find something.

Well I guess that is all that is worth writing about today…perhaps I will be inspired to write something interesting later…

So, today I learned that both the Triceratops and the Hadrosaur had teeth. For some reason I never thought that they did. Oh and get this…the Hadrosaur…it has teeth like a shark. No not all pointy and sharp but they replace their molars much like a shark replaces it’s teeth. How cool is that?

So tell me…what have YOU learned today?



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