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2006-06-15 - 12:54 p.m.

I must be crazy...

But it looks as if I am getting into a new hobby...SCA is way cool with the armor, weapons, fantastic outfits and of course the beautiful women...but there is a new fascanation.

Ever hear of something called CAS?

Cowboy Action Shooting?

Anyone? Buler?

OMG it looks like more fun that a barrel full of Monkeys!

Think SCA...It has all the costumes, the beautiful women, the weapons...and for fighting, you have timed shooting compotitions. Basic round is 4 (2 6 shooters, a rifle, and a shotgun)guns a handful of targets and you get seconds added for missing the target, or firing at targets in the wrong order.

and you can compete on local, state, regional, and national levels.

You also choose a persona and all that. Basicall it looks like it is representing the period of 1860-1899.

Hehe...I even have my first pistol picked out, and hope to have it this weekend...provided I dont grab up the "yellow boy" first...

Like I needed another hobby...but damn it looks fun!



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