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2004-06-02 - 7:49 a.m.

So…I began the fun task of moving yet again. Yesterday I lugged all of my Crap outta Susie and David’s pad (thanks again guys for putting me up for a bit) and dumped it in to my own.

Yeah I have new digs. I am out in Leesburg now. And no…it is not much longer of a commute than I had in Herndon.

So any how…thanks to a rockin cousin of mine, I was able to get everything (well almost…I am sure I have left some things behind) dumped on the floor of my new place.

It was during this initial move in process that I started noticing thing though. NONE OF THE FUCKIN LIGHTS IN THE APT WORK!....ahem…sorry. Yes…none of the lights in the pad work…well with the exception of the bathroom (thank god). Then there is the issue that ALL of the cabinet doors in the kitchen are still pretty gross…and then there is the shelves in the cabinets which are just chinks of particle board…yuck (I am going to paint the insides of the cabinets I think)…one cabinet has its top falling in, and the counter is all messed up. Sigh…all things I figured should have been fixed. Well at 9 the rental office will get a nice polite call from me asking that these things be taken care of before Saturday when all my shit will be in the apt and thus harder to work around.

Ahh the joys of renting.

So other than that…my life will be unpacking hell and decorating the place with furniture that I hate. But that is ok…it is all temporary. I promise you…it IS temporary.

Oh and in Bike news…I will be the proud owner of a ZRX1200R by then end of the month! I can hardly wait!!!



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