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2004-04-09 - 7:52 a.m.

Ugh…this weekend is going to be a busy one…but hopefully I won’t have to worry about anything else for quite a while.

I am headed to Norfolk tomorrow for the FINAL packing. I am loading up a truck and dragging all my shit to DC thanks to my Amazingly cool Uncle. See he is going to let me use the Shop truck to do all of my hauling. Man is that ever going to help me out. So instead of having to drop $350 dollars on a rental truck+gas and stuff…all I have to do is pay for gas, food, and beer. How cool is that!

So as it stands…I will hit Norfolk Early Sat. Morning…spend most of the day loading the truck up…stay the night at Mom’s, and on Sun. Drag my crap up here and unload…Ugh…no time for relaxing this weekend. But at least it will be done. That is until I have to move again (like into an apartment or whatever).

On to other stuff.


Yep…I effin love this thing. I should have bought one a long time ago instead of fighting with my SHO. Don’t get me wrong…the SHO was way cool…but there is something about a v8 that is…well…too damn cool for words.

Oddly enough the car is going into the shop on Monday to have a few things fixed. Mostly cosmetic stuff. But it was part of the deal when I bought the car. I am getting the tattered steering wheel replaced, and I am having the left rear lens replaced (It currently has moisture in it). Yep that is about the long and short of it. Other than that…well the car is in fantastic shape. Heheh.

Things at work are still as weird as ever. I have been informed that we may be going to NY city next month to teach an application that I have never even heard of let alone poked a stick at. Fortunately for me though…I can teach anything to anyone…well almost anything.

The lack of strong management is still annoying me. No one knows what is going on… and out Division Super is a wussy flake. I mean…ugh…I can’t even begin to describe her. I just hope that things settle down soon. I am tired of having no direction here at work.

Well I guess that is about it for today. I reckon I’ll post more at a later point.

Oh and GO BRUINS! Lets hope they can keep up this good play this year!



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