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2004-04-06 - 7:44 a.m.

I knew it was too good to last…

I was just informed that my boss no longer works for the company. This sucks…

It also means that I am now the senior member of this project (have I mentioned that I have only been on this project for 45 days. It also means that I am responsible for bringing the BRAND NEW member up to speed. It also means that I am now responsible for the success or the failure of this project within my company.

Have I mentioned that I haven’t even had any hands on work with the application yet.

Have I mentioned that we are supposed to be mock training all this week…and now not only do I have to teach myself the application…but I have to teach 2 other folks (who have no teaching experience) how to train this application as well.

Have I mentioned that I was informed that we (the training team) are also supposed to be going on the road in a month to train an Application that not only have I never seen…but have never even heard of.

Have I mentioned that I still don’t have the clearances necessary to go on the road…

Ugh…have I mentioned that most of the responsibility is going to be falling in my lap…but I am not going to be compensated for it…

Why do I get the feeling that I have just been proper fucked?

To make things worse, I don’t trust my management. I think they are lying, two faced, backstabbing twits, who let their personal feelings and grudges interfere with their ability to run this office. Because the big boss had such a strong dislike/resentment for my boss…she now also treats the rest of the team with equal disdain. I don’t like that one bit. My only advice for her is unless you have a REALLY good reason to do it…don’t poke bears with sticks. They don’t like it.

So once again I find myself ready to do the impossible with no support. Oh wait…it will be just like teaching in public school. I guess I can handle that.




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