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2004-04-05 - 8:38 a.m.

Well I must say…this has been a VERY exciting weekend for me.

I decided that the SHO had to go. Yeah I know…What? You got rid of the SHO B-Bear? Yeah I got rid of the SHO. I was more of a boat anchor than I was willing to deal with anymore. I didn’t have a garage to work in, and here in DC having reliable wheels is REALLY important. So I crunched some numbers and found out that I was spending more per month fixing it than I would for payments on a new car. So Saturday I carried myself over to Koons Ford in Sterling and applied my entire force of will to getting EXACTALLY what I wanted.

After an hour and a half…I drove off the lot in a 2002 mineral grey Mustang GT…fully loaded. In fact the only thing it doesn’t have is the Mach 1000 sound system in it. It does have the Mach 460 though.

And I have to tell ya…I got a hell of a deal on it.

Lets start with the 3.9% financing…muhahaha. Then there is the 3 year 40,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty…oh and the maintenance agreement (which is a fancy way of saying that Ford takes care of ALL maintenance, free of charge on the vehicle…meaning that all I will have to pay for over the next 3 years is gas and tires). Oh and did I mention that I got 3.5k for the SHO in trade. And then there was the price that I talked em down to…Man o man…I never realized that car buying could be so easy. Yeah I know that they still made money on the deal…but not as much as they would have liked to.

Well I am thinking that I am pushing my luck here writing this at work…so I had best quit for now.

Oh but before I go…Yall learn anything new today?



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