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2004-03-19 - 8:40 a.m.

Here I am…back in DC again…observing a class (for the 5th time now) that I will never…ever…ever…teach. Why? I guess cause familiarity breeds…er wait…because I will form a stronger bond with those folks on the other team as I learn more of what it is they do. So far I have only come to pity them though.

It has been a week now since I have gotten back to working out at the gym again. I had forgotten how much I missed it. Twice a day now I am in there sweating it out. Both before and after work. Right now I have only been working on cardio stuff…half hour twice a day on the elliptical machine (which is around 2.5 miles right now), but I hope to extend that to 45 min. twice a day. On top of that every Thursday is volleyball in the gym here…which I am REALLY looking forward to. I have to admit…while it is not as sexy as standing between the pipes on a sheet of chem-ice…it is still a ton of fun. I have realized that this increased pace in my life has left me MUCH hungrier than usual. That is good I reckon. That means that my metabolism is picking up…but I can’t help but think that if I eat all the time (or so it seems) I will only gain more weight.

Yeah I know…you have to eat to loose weight. But it still seems wrong on some lizard brain level.

Hoping to have the SHO fixed and running by the end of next week. It will be very nice to have my car back again. I am really tired of driving a car that isn’t mine.

So this weekend will see me back in Norfolk again. More packing goodness…I think. My roomie will be coming with me though so it will be a fun drive…and another set of hands at the house. Perhaps I will be ready to pack a truck come the end of the month after all. So all I will have to do now is find a place to store all my crap till I find me a more permanent home.

Speaking of which…one of my co-workers is trying hard to convince me that I need to come live on a boat in the heart of DC like he does. Heh…it is a very tempting idea really. In fact Justin is in the process of rebuilding a WW2 tug boat and making it into a real home. Which I might add is really effin cool. And when all is said and done…he will have spent less on a nice place that if he had bought a house in the area. Yeah you have to live in the heart of DC…but that is ok really…yeah you have no yard…but is that really an issue? Oh…and if you decide to move…well what is to keep you from just pulling up anchor and moving your house? You can’t do that with a traditional house (well unless it has wheels). 100k and you can get a totally refurbished and re-built and transformed tug to make your home in. I just might have to look further into this. Perhaps after I get my site paid up again I’ll post some pics of this project of his…

Just outta curiosity what do yall think about this idea? (Tug home?)

Well that is about it for me today…Yall take care and stuff. Oh and hey…did any of ya learn anything new today? I know I did…but unfortunately I can’t talk about it.



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