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2004-03-17 - 4:36 p.m.

Looks like I have a few minutes to rub together…so I might as well do a little writing.

Today is St. Patrick’s day…hot damn! The office is headed out to one of the local watering holes for a few rounds in honor of…er…I guess the Irish today. Not that they really need an excuse really. But it is a good enough excuse for me. I’ll knock back a few Guinness’s…

The car is still not fixed yet…in fact it hasn’t even made it to Norfolk. Seems like the SHOprea is starting up again…perhaps this car is cursed. As it turns out, the roll back that was sent to Williamsburg to fetch the SHO never made it there. It broke down or something. I tell ya…a new car is looking better and better every day. Just gotta decide what it is that I want (never an easy thing with me).

Got to spend a little bit of time today playing around with Photoshop…seems that I have been voted to learn this program by the rest of the team. That’s fine with me though. I am having lots of fun replacing team members heads with monkey heads…having Spiderman spy on the President and all sorts of other things. Can’t wait till I get the updated version of this program. Right now I am having to make due with version 4.

Well any how…that is all that is worth reporting at the moment…so…till next time.

Have you learned anything new today?



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