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2004-03-03 - 8:03 a.m.

It has been so long since I have updated this thing, I am not sure I remember how.

I started my new job 2 weeks ago, and I have to confess…I love it. Well at least so far. It is a wonderful if not slightly chaotic work environment where anything can happen. The training department is broken up into two divisions right now…of which mine has a whooping 2 employees (the boss and I), but this is due to change soon. Which is good news considering that it is our job to provide training to ALL the DEA offices in the universe. So 2 folks would make for a pretty hectic schedule. Other than that, well I reckon you’ll just have to ask me how things are going and what my job is like.

In other exciting news I had an incident occur while driving home this past Friday. It all started on Wednesday when I had new rubber (tires) put on the SHO. After leaving the tire shop I noticed that there was an odd vibration in the front end, but I just attributed it to a flat sport in the tire. These things happen, and often after a hundred or so miles it works itself out and goes away. Well in my case it went away alright.

Friday night around 8:00pm…some 30 miles SE or Richmond on interstate 64…

I was on the phone with my mother when I heard a disconcerting thunk from the front end of the SHO. So me being the forever optimist when it comes to my cars and strange noises decided that the best thing for me to do would be to pull over into the right hand lane and start slowing down a bit…that way if I heard the noise again I might be able to better isolate it, and diagnose it while driving. (Remember, all this time I am on the phone with my mom). After being in the right hand lane for not even a 50 yards I hear the clunk sound again and the vibration in the front end gets a bout a million times worse…to the point of shaking the steering wheel back and froth….and then…WHAM! The front end of the car slams into the pavement. I look to my right to see my right front wheel (yes wheel not just tire) bouncing along about 5 feet away from where such an item should normally be located. Calmly I tell my mom that I have to go now, my front right wheel just came off, and that I would call her after I stopped. I dropped the phone grabbed the wheel in both hands and expertly guided my wounded SHO to a stop on the side of the road.

Much to my delight there were no injuries, no one got hit by me or my flying wheel, and my car did not blow up or anything dramatic like that.

But I did sit there for a second, irritated that I would not be getting into Norfolk at a reasonable time so as to begin the arduous task of packing.

Well 2 hours later the SHO is being unloaded off of the back of a flat bed in front of my folks house.

The next morning I called the tire company who did the work, and as soon as I finished telling the manager that my wheel came off, he told me that he would contact the insurance company and that everything would be taken care of. How great is that. I didn’t have to get pissy or anything. He just stepped up and did the right thing.

So I have an inspector going out to look at the car today, and hopefully come the end of the week everything will be taken care of. I’ll have my car back (in one piece) and life will go on.

Heh…I did manage to get a little bit of packing done by the way…just not as much as I had hoped for. But I have till the end of the month to get it all out of the house. So I should be ok. I hope I am ok. Ugh…but I have a lot of crap though!

Well this is going to have to do it for today. Perhaps as I get back into the rhythm of writing again yall will get more exciting stuff from me. But till then…

Today I learned that dealing with insurance companies is not always as horrifying an experience as I had thought. I have to admit, I forced myself to remember something that the Puckeater told me. “I was told to try my hardest to find ways taking care of the person I was working with. Find the money…and get it to em quick…that is what is important”.

So with that said…What have you learned today?



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