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2005-07-25 - 8:41 a.m.

This past week has been pretty miserable for me. I was sent to support an application in an office where 1. It is hardly being used and 2. There are no people. Yeah you heard me right. There is no one here in the office. Just me, and some of the intel analysts. I guess June is a big month for bad guys to be doing bad things. I dunno. But the long and the short of it is…I have been bored out of my skull here. Thank God I get to go home today. I am not really sure that I would be able to take too much more of this.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like my job for the most part…that is when I have something to do. But it seems that of late, there has been less and less productive stuff for me to accomplish, and that is killing me.

Does that mean that it is time to go job hunting again? I dunno. I see the potential for this one to really ramp up and get exciting here in the next 6 months…but then again, I said that 6 months ago. Sigh…all I want to do is do my job…and I guess that by sitting here in the back of this office I am doing just that. Not what I thought I was signing up for…but it is my job.

In other interesting news…the parking garage that I am using these days ALWAYS smells like burnt toast in the morning. I haven’t really figured out why yet either. It is not like there is a restaurant in the garage. Just really weird if you ask me. Oh well…

I have been doing a fair amount of cycling these days. I brought my bike with me to Baltimore in hopes of catching up with some of the agents for a ride…but they all not only punked out on me…but they never returned my calls or e-mails. Boy do I feel the love here…yeah… more like feeling kinda dumb is more like it. But hell, whatcha going to do. I rode solo this week. Not as many miles as I would have liked…but the trails up here are not the best…and they certainly are not marked very well. In fact, my first day of riding I got REALLY lost. And why? NO TRAIL MARKERS! I mean come Maryland…if your going to have trails…at least mark them. At one point the trail (asphalt) T’s into a sidewalk…but no sign to be found any where…do you go right or left? I mean really…this shit happened time and time again to me out there…ugh.

Well it is another day…yeah, I never did get around to posting this last little gem, so instead of double posting today, I am just going to tack on to the end of this one.

The weekend is shaping up to be amazingly busy. The Girl has a list of things that need to be done that is easily a mile long. I’m not kidding. It is ok though. I figure that the sooner we get these pressing things done, the sooner we can think about doing things like hiking, visiting strange places, or other less pressing things.

With that said…I am still hoping that we get the chance to finally go see Batman. Yeah…can you believe it, I…self proclaimed Geek that I am, has not seen this movie yet…shame too, cause I hear that it is a really good one. Well here is hoping that tonight is the night.

The garden is OUT of CONTROL! I am telling ya, the thing is growing like mad. Don’t get me wrong…I am thrilled by this, but at the same time, I am going to have to get in there and try and tame things down a bit. I think that what I am going to try and do with it today is prune the tomatoes back a bit. Something I should have done weeks ago…but like a big dummie…I have only ever grown tomatoes in cages and never on a stake…yeah…stake grown=pruning. Go figure…all in all it should yield a bumper crop this year though. I am very happy about that. Got to admit I am a bit worried about having to many tomatoes…but again, Girl says that this will not be a problem. Seems like tomatoes are among her favorite of all veggies…good thing I guess…

Well it is getting to be that time of day, where I had best get back to being productive. Girl should be getting up soon…albeit so that she can run off to her hair appointment, which leaves me with some free time to get a few errands done as well…I am thinking about a hair cut as well today. Yeah…the siren call of the shaved head is calling loudly once again…but I have promised Girl that I would keep a full head of hair until after the weekend of the 4th. I am thinking that she is not so fond of the bald Bear…enh…I guess having hair during the summer is not necessarily a bad thing. At least I wont bake my melon quite as much I guess.

With that said…I am off.



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