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2007-02-06 - 9:11 a.m.

I really ought to get back to writing again. I have the time now, and I do miss the reflection that I used to do in the mornings those few years ago.

With that said, I will endeavor to write more often...hehe, not that I am writing for anyone but me anymore. Everyone has gone over to LiveJournal, and those few that used to read here likely gave up on updates if not months...then years ago.

So Bear, what do you have to say?

2007 is rapidly becoming the best year in memory...period.

I have a new job that I absolutely love. I am working for an Australian company that really cares about the folks that work there. I am still teaching (hehe or will be again here soon), but this time it is Record Management software. The system that I am working with is called TRIM, and it is really pretty cool, even for those of us that do not live and breathe records management. Any how, things are great here, my first day of work I filled out some paperwork at the office and then hopped a plane to Miami. What's not to love eh? The next week was more observation of training, followed by the Admin Cert exam for TRIM, (I am kinda bummed, I only scored a 93%. Funny eh? I felt like I dropped the ball...and yet that is a pretty darn good score! I sure am not the punk kid I once was). Then this week, I have documents to rebuild, exams to grade, and classes to prepare for. Looks like I solo back in Miami for a week or two. The exact schedule is not set yet. Though to be honest, I almost wish it had been this week...MY GOD is it cold here. 10 degrees when I woke up.

Now don't get me wrong, I like the cold, unlike most folks, but it gets to a point where even I start, this sure is uncomfortable out here, boy would it be nice to have a few 75 degree days here next week. I think I must be getting old, dreaming about warmer days and all...

Lets see...Raptor center is going well,though I feel pretty guilty, I have not gotten down to the center in about a month now. I just have been having trouble getting into a rhythm here. I blame the new job, not that any of this is a bad thing, I just need to get used to the new stuff going on. Any how, this last Saturday I did manage to make it out to the annual photo shoot. That was pretty fun, but dreadfully cold. I got to spend the entire day with one raptor or another on the fist while photographer after photographer clambered about me, looking for that perfect shot. It was kinda weird really. All about me I heard uber-photo-geek-talk with no idea what it meant. Aperture priority 200/50 fstop4 chupathingy...It was crazy, but cool to see so many folks who are passionate about what they are doing.

Sigh...non-sequitur. I HATE chapped lips. My lover lip has had a split in it now for about 4 days that hurts like hell, and of course being how I amˇKI can't leave well enough alone, so of course I keep fucking with it, which makes it worse/hurt more, I am horrible.

Anyhow...lets see, what else.

OhˇKwell the Bruins are playing tonight and I am going. It should be fun. I went last time they were in town with a buddy of mine, and we had a FANTASTIC time. Oh and the Bruins WON! It was cool...Knock Knock, whos there? BRUINS SCORE!!! I lost my voice for 2 days I had such a great time!

Anyhow, puck drops at 7. My buddy is swinging by the office here around 5pm I hope, and we ride on in to DC. Meet up with the Lady Friend (I am so excited that she has an interest in hockey, even if she is leaning towards being a Caps fan) and have a blast for the next few hours. Perhaps I can manage to remain subdued enough to NOT loose my voice this time, but I give no guarantees.

Speaking of Lady Friend...yeah, cause I am sure that I will get pestered about it, so this is all you get from me. She is a fantastic person! I consider myself a lucky fellah for having met her.

Well, the Boss Lady just rolled in, so I had best see what is on for today. I am sure I hve lots to do

Today I learned that Holland is the only country in the World with a National Dog, and yeah, I don't know what dog that is. Perhaps I need to learn more!

So how bout you? Learn anything neat lately?



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