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2005-02-01 - 8:16 a.m.

Forever and a day later...

Life has been busy. I am on the road quite alot lately. Heh...and ya know, for the most part, I like it. Though I have to does get a bit lonely at night...but then that happens when I am at home these days too. I'll get used to it I guess.

I have been enjoying regular workouts at the gym. My uncle and I meet 3 days a week when I am home and work. It has been alot of fun. Painful...but after all is said and done, I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself. I can tell that the lfiting is making a diffrence. I am moving up weight very regularly now, and the time I spend doing cardio is not as hard as it was when I first started. The frustrating thing is that I am not loosing weight. I tell myself that I am eating reasonably but I am not sure. I can never remember. I really just need to start writing everything down again. Weight Watchers taught me how to loose...I just need to start applying that again. I'm tired of being fat...and that bit of weight I lost while I was in California gave me a taste of what it would be like to be thin and in shape. I liked that...Sigh...I am doing the exercise thing/active I just need to be more mindful of what I am putting in my face.

In other poor old (And I mean old) computer finally gave up. I am not surprised really. The poor thing was on it's last legs for a little over a year now. It is amazing really that I managed to keep it running this long really. The good part of this is that I now have a new machine. Somthing that I have wanted for quite awhile now.

I am still looking for a motorcycle to buy. It is a tough decision though. There are so many to choose from. But lately I have been thinking about getting a used one...can you believe it? I have been looking at the 98-99 TL1000R. It is a V-Twin Superbike put out by Suzuki. Prices are pretty looks good (Especially in Yellow!) and it has gotten pretty darn good reviews. We shall see though. There are alot more practical things I should spen my money on right now...Like a new sofa. My current one is due to fall apart any time now.

Well I guess that I really didn't have anything to say really...This was more of a...yeah, I am still alive for them who care...

More later if I find the inspiration to write.



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